Some of upcoming limited Tamiya RC releases

47414 Audi A4 quattro Touring car

This Tamiya R/C car recreates a classic Audi A4 Quattro Touring car as it raced in 1997. In the late 1990s, manufacturer-backed teams would come to dominate touring car series around the world. One of the most pre-eminent was Audi, which spared no expense in its pursuit of the top of the podium. Using its base A4 quattro as a platform, Audi developed the car significantly and turned it into a race winner. In addition, Audi sought the best drivers from around the world in order to do their creation justice.

Tamiya recreates this racer on top of the TT-01 E chassis, which is ideal for beginner kit builders. The original release of this Audi was mounted on the Tamiya TA-03 machine.

TT-01 E Chassis
The bathtub frame of the evolved shaft-driven 4WD TT-01 Type-E has its motor and battery close to the ground for lower center of gravity and optimum balance. Mounted on the bathtub frame is a fiberglass reinforced nylon upper deck and gear covers improving rigidity, as well as a 3-piece tie rod providing a smoother steering action. The low center of gravity, great balanced design, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system, and front and rear differential gears all come together to produce excellent operating ability. 70mm-diameter radial tires are paired with metal plated wheels developed just for this model; the high sidewalls make for forgiving turns.

• 1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 454mm, width: 186mm.
• Polycarbonate body.
• Separate molded parts recreate side mirrors and sporty rear wing.
• Stickers are included to recreate markings for both no.5 and no.45 cars (they raced in different touring car series), with masking stickers to help during the paint job.
• 18-spoke wheels are molded in Silver, and paired with slick tires.
• The TT-01 Type-E chassis features shaft-driven 4WD for easy handling, and great customizability.
• A wide range of option parts is available to tune the TT-01 Type-E chassis.
• Requires: 2-channel radio, servo, 7.2-7.4volt battery & compatible battery charger, and Tamiya PS paint.

47419 Monster Beetle Black Edition

9 thoughts on “Some of upcoming limited Tamiya RC releases

  1. Wong

    Tamiya please stop your “old stock clearance”!
    Let the TT01 be history. We have the newer TT02.

  2. Are

    Another TT01 E ? I don’t get it why Tamiya started releasing TT01E again.
    Maybe it’s a job for you to investigate TamiyaBlog ?

  3. Mr.Bowen

    Tamiya, please stop releasing old cars, time for new upto date models please, it’s getting boring

  4. admin Post author

    Our guess is to keep the price low due to the expensive licensing fees of such bodies and because many classic re-release collectors anyway don’t run them?

  5. Mike

    Great idea to release such an iconic classic. Too many grumpy Debbie downers out there whining about Tamiya using the TT 01E chassis for the re- release if not crying about the Audi A4 being released at all and I really don’t understand why. It comes at a perfect time because it will allow me to preserve my two TA03 Audi chassis’ on the shelf will I get to enjoy running the TT01E without worry about damaging it. They are also a ton of spare parts and hop up parts available for the TT 01E chassis. In addition, the original TA03 car’s rarity/value is preserved since the new one is on a totally different chassis. Thank you Tamiya!

  6. admin Post author

    Thank you, we see it the same way, also the TA03 chassis with its large slop is nowadays outdated.

  7. Richard

    why are tamiya releasing red, blue, black etc editions of various cars? Why cant they concentrate on giving us reissues of the Vanquish Astute Super Sabre Mud Blaster Clod Buster Terra Scorcher etc

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