Tamiya Korea opening a store where models and cafes converge

Reporter: Kim Hyungwon
The combined store, which combines plastic goods and cafes, enters Busan.
Tamiya, a model specializing company, announced on April 4 that it will open ‘Tamiya Family Cafe’ at Lotte Factory Outlet located in Busan, Korea.

Tamiya Family Cafe bird’s eye view. / Provided by Korean Tamiya

The Tamiya family café is a combination of a café and a model merchandise store. Inside the store, there is a resting area where you can enjoy food and beverage, and a model sales corner that sells plastic models, RC cars, and mini 4W D items. On the side of the store is a track for a mini-car game.
An official from Korea’s Tamiya said, “This is the first time a model restaurant and a cafe have been combined in Korea.”
To celebrate the opening of the Family Cafe in Korea, Tamiya Korea sells a Tamiya model at a 10% discount, and offers a mug with a Tamiya logo on shoppers over 50,000 won.
Source in Korean language: !T Chosun

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  1. Nor Halillulah bin Alwee

    HI, we would like to be a supplier at Malaysia. Now we already made a Tamiya Cafe at where in house we have a Tamiya Speed Track & just few tamiya item include coffee serve to all our customer. u can see our website or our IG & Fb for more detail.

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