Some future Tamiya RC hop up parts to be presented at upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019

47403 WR-02CB A-Parts (Gearbox) white
47404 WR-02CB B-Parts (Uprights) white
47405 WR-02CB D-Parts (Chassis) white
47406 WR-02CB F-Parts (Frame) white
47407 WR-02CB L/N Parts (Yellow Green)
47408 WR-02CB M-Parts (Bumper) (Yellow Green)
47409 WR-02CB S-Parts (Spokes) (chrome plated)
47410 WR-02CB S-Parts (Spokes) (deep gray)
47411 WR-02CB T-Parts (Wheel Rims) (chrome pl)
51618 WR-02CB T-Parts (Wheel Rims) (white)
54872 T3-01 Aluminum Front Fork Stabilizer
54873 WR-02CB T-Parts (Wheel Rims) (deep gray)
56552 1/14 RC Truck Aluminum Center Air Tank
64420 TAMIYA RC Line Up Vol 1 – 2019
645XX Tamiya 2019 Spring New Release Leaflet