Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2019 Releases

TAMIYA 2019 ?

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, Mini 4WD, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

The team of TamiyaBlog thanks all of you
for the ever growing reader base and support
and wishes everyone a great 2019 full of joy with Tamiya!

106 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2019 Releases

  1. Calvino

    I’d like to see some more of the astute based designs such as the king cab / monster racer as well as top force evolution, dynablaster and hi cap dampers in short and mini. Maybe even the avante 2001???????

  2. Andrea Casadei

    New part for mini 4wd track like rainbow changer, vertical changer, digital curves ecc.
    Upgrade power, sprint, ultra motors to pro motors(double pinions).

  3. zer027

    More Super XX Chassis Releases
    More choices on sliding dampers
    More choices on Pivot bumpers
    More damper system variations
    More Premium Versions of old kits like Neo-Tridagger ZMC Premium, Cyclone Magnum TRF/ Beat Magnum TRF Premiums
    Hard tires for small diameter wheels VS type

  4. Marty

    Happy new year!
    Please rerelease:
    King cab
    Porsche 959/Celica Gr.B
    Avante 2001
    Top Force Evolution


    Lamborghini aventador with Wing 1/10
    Lamborghini Diablo 1/10
    Lamborghini Reventon 1/10
    Lamborghini Murcialago Super Veloce with Wing 1/10

  6. extrATerrestrial

    a) 1/48 variants of the new tooled Spitfire and Bf 109

    b) New tool F-4 in 48th scale and RUAG Dornier 228 in any scale 🙂

  7. John

    Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 base on G6-01TR chassis. There is no other vehicle that match G6-01TR than this Mercedes so I think soon or later Tamiya will release this. Probably with faster motor and better oil shocks bring an AMG vehicle.

    A new truck concept base on 1/8 truck that’s a mix of Traxxas X-maxx and Crawler with scale hard body, twin motors, 3 speed, remote locking diffs, portal axels, waterproof tub (like vintage Blazing Blazer) etc. just dreaming lol

  8. Paul

    I think a Dyna Storm re-re-release is entirely possible. Maybe a Falcon too. As for genuinely new stuff a regular production FF04 would be nice, the Evo was great but too niche to be used regularly. We need something that is simple and sturdy – and if that’s too difficult I’ll accept a re-re FF01 with a new gearbox that’ll accept a TA06 / M07 differential.

  9. David

    I would love to see the Avante 2001, Vanquish and or Terra Scorcher re released.

    Also wouldn’t so no if a 1/72 F35C model was released.

  10. MikeP

    Some M bodies like Honda S2000, BMW M Roadster
    Porsche 959, Carrera GT
    Porsche 934,935,936 & Countach hard body sets
    Cheetah & Ranger of course
    Another Hi-lift/Bruiser off road hard body
    Maybe some CC-01 Hard body
    and did I Mention we need more hard bodies ?

  11. Gerardo de Kort

    I’ve mentioned for a couple of years the Astute and we got a Super Astute, so I’m super happy. It’s actually onon its way. In 2019 I’ll most likely get at least one kit.
    What about:
    Mazda 787B re-re (1/10)
    An F1 with new design on front suspension and longitudinal mid motor.

  12. Adi

    1. Strato Vector Super FM Polycarbonate out of the box;
    2. More Polycarbonate body out-of-the-box MA Chassis—open wheel will be better;
    3. DCR-1 Polycarbonate tune-up part;
    4. Aero Thunder Shot Polycarbonate tune-up part;

  13. Eric Evain

    Happy new year 2019 !!
    My wishlist 2019 from Tamiya new release

    1/20 Red Bull – honda F1 2019
    1/20 Mercedes W08 F1 2017 world champion
    1/12 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP 2018
    1/12 KTM MotoGP 2019
    1/24 Alpine A110 2017 (new generation)
    1/24 Ferrari F12 TDF
    1/24 McLaren 720S GT3
    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC 2018
    1/32 Rafale B/C/M
    1/48 Mitsubishi ATD X2 prototype fighter
    1/35 EBRC Jaguar

  14. Mohammad Hassan

    Hello Tamiya
    Greetings from india. Thanks for all your models. Me and kids love building them
    Please consider the following:

    1. Humvee on CC 01 chassis. (Or at least the body with light brackets..) or similar military vehicle.. So many people are waiting for this model.. At least 15 of my friends.. Please consider..
    2. Nissan patrol Y61 CC01
    3. Toyota land cruiser 200 2018 CC01
    4. Toyota mark 2 x80 TT 02 D

    Have a wonderful year ahead

  15. Lorenzo

    Happy new year Tamiya company!
    On this new year I really wish for a worldwide “design your mini 4wd” contest, open to people not resident in Japan too.
    I know this isn’t exactly a re-release or a new item release, but eventually this will lead to the release of some new mini 4wd kits 😉

    Thank you very much for your attention and for keeping up the great job!

    Best regards

  16. Tamiya Truck Fan

    I would like an updated CC-01 Mk2 Chassis with better steering linkage, long travel front suspension, and make the Tail-shaft straight to reduce drive-train loss. More rigid and light weight if possible please.

  17. beermoker

    1/10 BMW M1
    1/10 (SWB) Porsche Carrera (964)
    1/10 CC-02 Chassis with scale rigid axle front and rear
    1/10 RWD Drift-Chassis
    1/10 Lamborghini Miura
    1/10 Autobianchi A112 (M-Chassis)

  18. LV

    A) 1/10 Porsche 935 Turbo76 / Martini, Moby Dick 78 or new limit Porsche 935 / 2019
    B) 1/10 BMW 320i E21 Gruppe 5 / Jagermeister or BMW M1 Procar 1979

    PF 2019

  19. Gary

    Happy new year!

    Here is my wishlist for 2019:

    -Kingcab and Hilux monster racer
    -Body set, wheels and tires for the original Astute
    -Porsche 959

    -Toyota land cruiser fj40, with full engine detail
    -Class ii racers from the 90s, such as audi a4 and nissan primera ’99 and ford mondeo as raced in btcc
    -Mercedes and Opel Dtm cars from the 90s(rere)

    1/12 bikes:
    -2018 motogp bikes from ducati and yamaha

    1/20 f1:
    -Benetton b194/195
    -Williams fw15c, fw19
    -Mercedes w09
    -rere: leyton house cg901b

  20. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hello My Friends, My wishes for this year 2019 would be !!!
    1/12 Ducati Panigale V4
    1/12 kawasaki ZX-10R
    1/12 BMW R 1000SS
    1/12 Aprilia RSV4
    Thanks for all and Happy New Year 2019

  21. Mence

    Any 1/6 bike or 1/12 car
    Perhaps re release the CX500 Turbo / Honda Dax / Kawasaki Z1300 with some detail upgrades?

  22. Matt

    How about a 1/24 1975 Land-Cruiser FJ40…
    with optional ‘heavy-duty’ off-road parts; bigger tires, roof lights, roof rack, etc.

  23. Nicholas Perry

    Happy New Year to You All!

    Static Models in 1/48 Centurion tank. Used everywhere by everybody.
    R/C in 1/10 RWD Drift-Chassis. I have six nephews who would all buy this.
    My out-of-the-park choice would be a 1/48 WW1 British Heavy Tank. Easy to keep the parts count and thus the selling price down. Mk.IV or Mk.V and the aftermarket can backdate it and offer different sponsons. Mk.V saw a lot of service with different users including the US and Japan.

  24. Андрей Блинов

    Leopard 2A5/6
    Challendger 1/2
    Type 74
    Type 90
    Shermans: Super Sherman M50&M51, Jumbo, M32 Tank Recovery

  25. Andrey Blinov

    Leopard 2A4, A5, A6
    Challendger 1,2
    Type 74, 90
    Super sherman M51, Jambo, M32 recovery

  26. Pedro Grandão

    Please, please, re-release :
    1/12 HONDA NXR750

  27. Alessandro

    Hello everyone and happy new year fron Italy!
    1/12 ducati MotoGP
    1/12 KTM MotoGP
    1/24 Mazda MX-3

  28. MP

    Thanks for all new 1/48 AVF kits in 2018!

    Waiting in 2019 some of this:
    Leopard 1/2
    Merkava 3/4/5
    Challenger 1/2
    BMP 1/2

    It seems enough for this year)))

  29. Alex Bishop

    Happy new year!

    Static armor in 1/48 scale:
    Soviet Su-76/Su-76M self-propelled gun;
    Soviet T-26 tanks;
    German Simca 5 staff car.

  30. fernando ugalde

    Happy New Year 2019.

    1/12 bikes:
    HONDA NR 500 1979
    HONDA NSR 500 1987
    HONDA NSR 500 1988
    SUZUKI RGV 500 1993
    CAGIVA V593
    HONDA NSR500V 1998
    MODENAS 500 1997
    HONDA RSW250 2005
    Any Aprilia 250cc
    Any Motogp 2018
    Any World SBK 2018

  31. Are

    I seriously need Dyna Storm to be re released.

    Also would like to see Top Force Evo, Toyota Monster Racer and Ford Escort RS Cosworth (No TT01E please)
    Also a 959 on a MF01X would be cool.

    Happy new year Tamiya fans


    Peterbilt 359
    Peterbilt 378
    Kenworth W900
    Freightliner Coronado (yes a licence bearing Knight Hauler)

    US 1/14 RIGS.

  33. Jahy



    CC-01 Honda CRV
    Tamiya TGX 1/8 Glow and Electric Version, Pleaseeeeee ( I do not know why you stopped with this car,
    there is a legion of fans for this car,
    please come back with the parts, wheels, tires, crowns for change 1 and 2 speed gears, all parts !!!!!!!)
    Tamiya Ford F150 #58027, Blazing Blazzer, and Hilux
    Tamiya M Chassis Renault 5 Turbo
    Honda NSX F103GT
    Ferrari F40 F103 GT
    Humvee on CC 01 chassis

    CC-01 Toyota Land Cruiser LC40 Pick-up
    CC-01 Toyota Hilux 2019 Double Cab
    CC-01 Jeep Wrangler 2019
    Tamiya High-lift Dodge Ram
    M Chassis VW Samba Type 2
    New Scale Crawler to compete with axial (CC-02?)!!!
    News DTM Germany Cars (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc)
    Vintage Tractor Truck Example: Scania 110,111,112 or Olds Mercedes l-1111/, 11/13, mb-1934, l-312
    Tractor Truck MB Atron 1635

    Please Release old cars with Light Brackets!!!!
    All New Cars with Light Brackets for led Lights !!!!

    better shock absorbers in car kits!!!!

    Best Regards!!!!

  34. Kim U

    Please rerelease,
    RC Porsche 959 Rally ( MF01X )
    RC Toyota 4×4
    RC Ranger xlt
    RC Striker
    RC Humvee on CC02 Chassis
    RC Blazing Blazer
    Would be very happy with this lot

  35. David Garcia

    Good day

    Since this is a wish list, here is my wish list in order.

    1) Top Force EVO or Upgraded version of the Top Force.
    2) TGX 1/8 Electric Version.
    3) TA-02 touring car chassis and the complete line of cars and versions that used the TA-02 Chassis.

  36. Kinus

    1/24 Toyota TS050 Le Mans winner ( I think it will anounced in Nurmberg toy fair)
    1/24 Mazda 787B Rere

    Williamns FW15C
    Benetton B195 or B194
    Ferrari F310

    Ducati Pnigale V4
    Any currently Moto GP

    WWII German Fw190 or BF109

  37. TA7

    I’d like to see the following for 2019
    1/24 Aston Martin Valkyrie
    1/24 Subaru BRZ STI Sport 2018
    1/24 Mazda 787B Renown 1991 Le Mans winner rerelease
    1/24 Toyota TS050 2018 Le Mans winner
    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC 2018
    1/32 Messerschmitt Me-262

  38. MD

    I saw a few of these requests above already but

    1984 Ferrari Testarossa 1/10 scale
    1982 Delorean DMC-12 1/10 scale
    1985 Ford Mustang GT
    Jeep Wrangler 1/10 scale for the CC01, bring back the YJ or something new like the JK or JL

  39. Martin

    Dear all, we wish RC (or static to be motorised) military models from WW2 era, for example:

    1/16 military truck from WW2 era, like Chevrolet/Ford CMP, GMC or Studebaker
    1/16 british tank from WW2 era, most of all Cromwell
    1/16 US army Stuart tank
    1/16 russian army vehicles from WW2 (for example T-34 – can be used also for conversions like SU85 etc.)

    Will be also great to produce some from military vehicles from WW1 era, tank or truck 1914 – 18. There is an interesting machines from that old times.

    Thank you in advance

  40. Jason

    More of the classic 90’s touring cars! I’m excited to see the ProMarkt Mercedes come back. I’d get the original Alfa Romeo 155 with the red Alfa livery in a heartbeat if it got a rerelease. Same with some of the FWD cars like the JACCS/PIAA Accord. Above all else though I’m really hoping the Volvo 850 BTCC will get a rerelease. I’ve got a soft spot for that car.


    1/12 bikes:

    CAGIVA V593
    HONDA RC212V 2007
    HONDA NSR 500 1992
    HONDA NSR 250 1992
    HONDA VFR750 (RC45)
    SUZUKI GSX-RR MotoGP 2003
    SUZUKI GSX-RR MotoGP 2011
    SUZUKI GSX-RR MotoGP 2018
    YAMAHA YZR 500 1990
    YAMAHA YZR 250 1990
    Any Tetsuya Harada´s APRILIA 250
    Marco Simoncelli´s GILERA 250 2008
    Any motorbike Moto2
    MODENAS KR 500 1997


    1/12 bikes:
    Re-release SUZUKI RGB 500 (item 14003 and item 14009)
    Re-release KAWASAKI KR 500 (ITEM 14028)

  43. M. Onofreychuk

    Retooled M8 GMC
    M51 Super Sherman 1/48
    Dragon Wagon !/48
    M8 GMC 1/48
    T-44 1/48
    AMX-13 1/48
    Centurion 1 1/48

  44. buggyracer

    Please re-release the 1/12 scale Porsche 959 (#58059) and its sibling, the Toyota Celica Gr. B (#58064) – or at least one of them.

    Thank you! 🙂

  45. David Miller

    I would like to see a release of the Willys MB 1/4 ton truck in 1/24 or 1/16 scale with canvas top.
    Would also like to see the 1/35 scale version updated with canvas top and some new decals .

    Thank you.

  46. Ricardo Gonzalez

    I would like these models for 2019

    -1/12 BMW S 1000 RR
    -1/12 SBK Motorcycle
    -1/12 Kawasaki Z900
    -1/12 Yamaha MT-10


  47. ariestian

    I have request for big dream.
    Tamiya is most important hobby in my country
    For racer, collector and seller
    If i make prototype tamiya mini 4wd for racing regulation in INDONESIA what a legal? I want custom 1 mini 4wd with indonesia mini 4wd racing spesification for class standard tamiya box PRO (STB PRO)
    If legal i will make prototype with my friend and we will explain all spesification and all event and we will sent prototype to TAMIYA Japan.
    We hope that impact in all sector.
    Please reply this messege sir…

  48. Joaquin Ruiz

    Has Tamiya ever considered releasing any allied armor in 1/25 scale . Like maybe a Sherman or any of the variants …. or maybe any British armor …. how about a King Tiger , Hunting Tiger … the allied armor would go great in a diorama against their Tiger , or Panther or Jagdpanther .

  49. Junhwan Kim

    Many of old buggy Fans in Korea hope below to be released as soon as possible.

    1. Vanquish
    2. Thunder dragon or Terra scotcher

    I wish Tamiya could release Juggernaut2 as well. ^^

    Thank you Tamiya for all the releasing for us!!!

  50. Julien Bozas

    Your 1/48 range of models is fantastic !
    Unfortunately there are very few French models like SOMUA S35, Battle tank B1 bis you however deliver in the 1/35 scale.
    Please hurry-up to distribute these models at 1/48 scale
    Thanks in advance

  51. kyu

    i wish tamiya should release mini 4wd super series ‘tom ghody’ (tamiya 19502)
    tamiya released super series liberty emperor , big bang ghost , boomerang.
    now its about time to release tom ghody!

  52. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hello Friends
    My wishes are
    1/12 BMW S 1000 RR 2019
    1/12 Ducati Panigale V4 S Corse 2019
    1/12 Yamaha MT-10 2019
    1/12 MV Augusta Brutale 800 RR 2019
    1/12 Suzuki GSX-R1000R 2018/2019
    1/12 Kawasaki NINJA ZX-10R 2018/2019,

  53. Ville L.

    TA84113 ball differential set is hard to find. Why such cheap but important part isn’t available anymore?

  54. Clinton epps

    I would love to see all rc buggies and cars made in tue 80s re-released as parts for the falcon buggy and porsche 959 are rare as plus many others including wild willy blazing star , ta 01, tb 01, chassis

  55. Ian


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