Tamiya 67430 Multipurpose Furoshiki Cloth (MM 50th Anniversay, 90cm)

Japanese traditional universal packaging item, wrapping cloth. Of course you can quickly wrap around various things around me, as well as becoming a bag if you devise a way of tying. Its history is old and it is said that its origin dates back to the Nara era as it is likely to be seen in the Shosoin collection. Such a venerable wrapping cloth appears in Tamiya original goods. This is a version that celebrated the 1/35 military miniature 50th anniversary. In the land of royal blue, mainly printed silhouette of various vehicles released so far, Tamiya and MM 50th anniversary logo printed in white. Size is 90 cm square that can also package the package of the large kit Dragon Wagon . The material used 100% cotton, textured Shantung fabric.

★ Material: 100% cotton Size: 90 × 90 cm