Tamiya Fair 2018 November 17-18

Hobby’s festival, held this year too! Saturday , Sunday 17th ( Sat ) 9: 00-17: 00, Sunday 18th ( Sunday ) 9: 00-16: 00 ※ Opening may be delayed depending on the situation.
Tamiya fair was established as a hobby event in autumn of Shizuoka. Last year we had over 24,000 visitors. This year, which is the 20th time, we will also exhibit noteworthy new products, various events that you can participate in by participating in the customer, you can also sell limited items that can only be purchased at the venue, and spot sale of bargains etc. Expand. Tamiya’s hobby festival is held again this year! 

⇒ The report of Tamiya Fair 2017 last year is here.
Presentation of new products of Tamiya, exhibition (North / South Building)
We will display Tamiya’s new products such as scale model, RC model, mini 4WD and so on which will be released from this autumn to early next year at once. Please have a look and have a look.

Tamiya product sales corner (North / South)
We have all Tamiya products and original goods on sale now! If you purchase more than 1,000 yen you get a discount voucher that you can use at the venue! (※ The discount ticket is effective only at the Tamiya fair 2018 period venue, shopping with discount tickets only is not possible.)

Shizuoka Joint Work Exhibition (North Building / South Building)
Plastic model production This year also held joint work exhibition centering on clubs active in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. As well as scale models of airplanes, tanks and cars, as well as hundreds of mini 4WD and RC car bodies etc. are gathered.

Electric RC car World champion decision game! (North Building)
In addition to 15 domestic competitions in Japan, representatives who have won the preliminary contests in nine countries and regions in Asia, the United States and Canada, each area gathered, and the world’s best match of the Tamiya Electric RC car will be held. We develop a super close match that competes for 0.01 seconds. Even just watching the race development full of speed, it is powerful to hold sweat in hands. I can not stop sending cheers. A big race at a large special circuit is a must-see!

Toyota Gazoo Racing TS 050 HYBRID exhibited (North Building)
Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 HYBRID (Toyota TS050 HYBRID) is a prototype racing car developed by Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota Motorsport) for participating in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2016. It is the successor model of Toyota · TS 040 HYBRID who participated in two seasons of 2014 · 2015. (Cooperation: Toyota Motor Corporation)

The 46 th Annual Doll Modification Contest Work Exhibition (North Building)
The puppet reconstruction contest is a model contest using a soldier doll of about 1/5 “tall height of” 1/35 Military Miniature Series “. From a simple remodeling just changing the pose or combining accessories, a technique work that transforms it into a completely different character or character, even a fight idea work with the fun of ideas, anyway the soldier dolls are based on Even a bad work OK! The recruitment received this time is exhibited in the venue. You can actually see stunning works that I do not think is 1/35 size.

Stage Event (North Building)
Popular female modelers holding model lectures etc all over the country, such as air brush painting courses by Ogosi Tomoe and talk shows related to product development etc. At the North Building stage there are plenty of attractive events. Please have a look.

1/1 mini 4WD actual vehicle project Aero Avante exhibition (Promenade)
A dream big project to make Mini 4WD “Aero Avante” a real vehicle. Please see the powerful style at close range!
⇒ 1/1 Mini 4WD actual vehicle project (YouTube)
⇒ 1/1 Mini 4WD · actual car version Aero Avante & F1 TYRELL 019 Suzuka Circuit video (YouTube)

RC Tanks Owners Meeting held! (17th · South Building)
Radio control tanks such as Tiger I, Sherman, KV – 1, etc, which attract the ultimate realism that reproduces sound and light, as well as actions unique to tanks, are active. Match battle of tension which is carried out one to one and competition against the team where combination is key of victory are done. All the tank fans, please come.
⇒ The details of the event are here!

Mini 4WD event (South Building)
“Mini 4WD Station Champion Decision Battle 2018” “Mini 4WD World Challenge 2018” is held !!

Saturday 17th (Saturday)
More than 500 shops nationwide, held the “No. 1 Lane Course” Mini 4WD Stationary Champion 2018 “by the racer elected by the” Mini 4WD Station Challenge “held over 1000 meetings ).
18th (Sunday)
“Mini 4WD World Challenge 2018” held by overseas representative racers gathered from all over the world and about 100 top racers in the country held! Do not miss it!
* Participation in the race will be only for players who have won participation rights.

17th (Sat), 18th (Sunday)
Concours Deregans work remodeling of exhibition
machine, painting contest “Competition Deregans”. At the Tamiya Fair venue, the Japan Cup 2018 exhibition of the NEW ERA award-winning works of each competition is displayed.
※ “Minna 4/4 Gallery of Everyone” is not available due to space reasons.

Free participation event Free running and mini racing using the long straight course (planned to turn back 180 ° turns), which will be newly emerging at Tamiya Fair
only on Sunday 18th (Sunday),
and free practice course installation are under adjustment.

First time programming experience class (charged) (South Building)
The importance of STEM education for children in all over the world increases, and experience “programming” which is attracting attention now because it will be compulsory in elementary school from 2020! It is a classroom for beginners for programming with children’s computer IchigoJam. All necessary equipment is prepared here. You can actually move the robot just by entering the program with the keyboard under the teacher’s lecture. After the classroom, we will give you a cam program robot working set that you can enjoy analog programming without computer.

◎ Schedule: 9 (Saturday), 18 (Sunday)
3 times a day ( 1 hour of experience)
● 9: 30 ~ ● 12: 00 ~ ● 14: 00 ~
◎ Participation fee: 3,456 yen (tax included) / Cam program robot working set included)
◎ Target: over 3rd grade elementary school students. Those under junior high school students should attend with parents.
◎ Capacity: 12 people for each first come ※ Reserved in advance ※ Starting from 10/29 (Monday) 10 am

Self Defense Force public relations section (South Building)
A familiar Self Defense Force public relations section also appears at the Tamiya Fair venue at Shizuoka Hobby Show and others!
I plan to exhibit a Ground Self Defense Force vehicle with few opportunities to see usually.
For children there is a uniform shooting corner at uniform uniforms.

※ Scheduled exhibition vehicle
17th (Saturday)
Unit: The 34th ordinary department regiment (flat-house residential area>
vehicle: light armored mobile (LAV), scouting motorcycle

18th (Sun)
unit: 1st tank battalion (Komamoto Temple )
Vehicle: 96 type wheel armored car (WAPC)
* Since the unit will change on a daily basis, the vehicle exhibition will also differ on Saturdays and Sundays
Cooperation: Self Defense Force Shizuoka District Cooperation Headquarters, 34th Regular Regimental Regiment, 1st Tank Battalion

Tamiya latest RC car “Comical Grass Hopper” Experience Running Meeting held (Free) (South Building)
Tamiya’s latest RC car experiencing running meeting will be held. It is characterized by a comical body, it is also perfect for wheelie driving. Since operation is easy, women and children are also welcome. Please experience it.
⇒ Check the running of comical grasshopper! (YouTube)

Tamiya latest RC car “Triple wheel series dancing rider” Experience running meeting held (free) (South Building)
It is a new sense of three wheel RC car that cornering by tilting the car body. “Dancing rider” featuring affordable speed and cute body. Since operation is easy, women and children are also welcome. Please experience it.
⇒ Check the running of the RC dancing rider with a video! (YouTube)

Sweet Decoration Production Experience Corner (charged) (South Building)
“Sweets decoration” which is becoming popular among women now. Why not challenge the hobby to make real sweets like clay and other ingredients? Both girls and mothers’ participation are welcome as well. You can take home the completed work. ※ Works can not be eaten.

In addition to this, a lot of experience corners are prepared at the venue !!

RC trailer passenger experience corner (South Building) (free)
Let’s take a 1/14 size RC trailer. We will conduct trailer riding experience for primary schoolchildren and below.

Mini 4WD Workshop (South Building) (charged)
Make it on the spot and let’s play! ! Receiving at any time! We also have a circuit to run the finished machine. For assembly, the staff gently talks about lectures.

Separate event

Let’s enjoy with parents and children. The latest RC Baguiga’s assembly class !!
Visit Tamiya Fair 2018 and travel at the Tamiya circuit, Hobby Zankei’s weekend! “Tamiya RC Tour with TRF” held
We planned “Tamiya RC Tour with TRF” of Hobby Zamani with TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) staff. You can enjoy RC car assembly class, RC run at Tamiya Circuit, Tamiya fair venue and Tamiya head office visit. Please join us with parents and children.
⇒ For more details please click here. 

List of exhibitors / cooperating organizations (unordered)
Tamiya fair has been exhibited by many manufacturers and cooperating organizations. Manufacturers of scales models and RC relationships, as well as many unique manufacturers are exhibiting, so please check each booth.

Mazda Co., Ltd. / Shizuoka Mazda Co., Ltd. / UMA (moving model lover association) / Kyoto Machine Tool Co., Ltd. / Kondo Science Co., Ltd. / Sanwa Electronics Co., Ltd. / Futaba Electronics Co., Ltd. / Mizuho limited company / Marto Hasegawa Temiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store / Tamiya Plastic Model / Fine Mold Co., Ltd. Actin / Limited Company Fine Mold / SWEET (Suite) / Limited Company Emmp / Shimomura Alec / Co., Ltd. Shiokawa Kodeno / Central Packaging / Ojja Design Co., Ltd. / Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store / Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama Store / Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. / Dainippon Painting / Co., Ltd. Model Art Company / Shizuoka Industry Service Co., Ltd. Suruga Restaurant / Shizuoka Joint Works Exhibition / SDF Shizuoka District Cooperation Headquarters / Public Interest Foundation Corporate Planning Tourism Bureau / Showa printing processing limited company Lau pen model / Fuji Araki Co., Ltd. / Unit Promotion / Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. / Boeks / Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd. / Pilot Ink Corporation / Matchmoor Racing Co., Ltd. / Twilight model / Ueno Shokai Co., Ltd. / General corporation Japan Military Vehicle Association / Toyota Motor Corporation

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