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Tamiya 57908 1/10 RC XB Comical Grass Hopper (WR – 02CB chassis)


Released in Japan around Saturday, December 15, 2018
Price 31,104 yen (main unit price 28,800 yen)

Total length = 356 mm

★ Yukai style and action Comic glass hopper that plenty of running is fun is also appearing in XB.
★ Body as well as driver dolls are painted and marked already.
★ The rear wheel drive WR – 02CB chassis which can enjoy the wheelie running has been assembled with the RC mechanism using 2.4 GHz with less worry of interference. You can play with batteries immediately.

New Tamiya Plamodel Factory store opening at Thailand with Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya

Tamiya Opens New Store at Zeer Rangsit, Makes Social Modeling Players

15.30 hrs., 14 October 2018 MR. SHUNSAKU TAMIYA Chairman of the Board Tamami Company Japan President of TAMIYA PLAMODEL FACTORY, 3rd branch in Thailand, recently welcomed Mr. Satchin Sujaranchan, Executive Director of Sears Property Plc. Rangsit District, Kokkum District, Pathum Thani Province.

The opening of a new branch today, people have to buy a lot of small car racing. Today’s special discount 25% with new products like motorcycle models. Battleship limited And at the opening ceremony today MR. SHUNSAKU TAMIYA Chairman Tamami Company Japan Have signed up with all of you who attended the opening ceremony today. And with a corner racer, a small speed race car powered by a charcoal engine. The people who assembled the car have fun testing at the front of the shop. Tamilai has three branches, namely, the first branch is located at RCA Rama 9, the second branch is located at Thaniya Silom and the third branch is Zeer Rangsit. The Tamiya game is not intended to play the game speed. Strength of the car only Challenges for players have sparked creativity. Players will be able to customize parts or equipment to match the added field. Challenges to more players.

Mr. Suchart Siam Sucharit Chan, Executive Director of Sears Property Plc, said that in the name of Sears Rangsit Shopping Center, together with Siam Tamiya, celebrated the opening of a new branch of TAMIYA PLAMODEL FACTORY This is the 3rd branch in Thailand at Tamami Sears Rangsit Branch Include all racing cars. With many other accessories by Tamiya. Is a plastic model manufacturer. Car This is a very well known and widely used modeling device. Animation Series Let’s & Go, the lightning bolt of the 1990s, the Tamami race car is widely known. The toy car is used as the main equipment. It was very successful in Thailand, then play a car Tamiya throughout the city. And not just children, adults play a lot. It is featured on the car modifications, custom parts or accessories to the field conditions that add to the challenges and challenges for more players. The competition is very large.

Source in Thai language: Banmuang

60 Years Plastic Models Special Exhibition at All Japan Model Hobby Show 2018

Looking back on the history of domestic model history in the real thing “60 years seen in a plastic model”

It is 60 years since 1958 this year. Report on the nostalgic plastic model exhibition section

Author: Teruya Inamoto

One part of the “58th All Japan Model Hobby Show” held at Tokyo Big Sight from September 28th to 30th is an exhibition “60 Years as seen in a Plastic Model” commemorating the 60th anniversary of the release of the domestic plastic model A corner was set up.

In the corner, the packages of popular plastic models released from domestic manufacturers in the past 60 years are displayed divided into age and category. There should be many visitors who are excited about the sight that nostalgic box paintings are lining up with Zurari. And inside the corner, we set up “Mashiro OS model model shop” modeled on “OS model” that actually existed in the 1950s, and exhibited a plastic model that could not be exhibited in the case. In this article I took most of the plastic models on display and added a column for each corner so I hope you will enjoy the atmosphere.

1 “From tree to resin era: high growth period and plastic model”

 1960 to 1970 ‘s where Japan was in a high growth period. Starting with the release of the “Nuclear Submarine Nautilus” made by Marsan in 1958, each company releases everything around us as a plastic model. Not only the scale models such as tanks and cars but also the various models such as buildings, household appliances, animals and insects, interiors, etc. Plastic models not focused on categories are fun just looking at it. Also, due to the colorization of television broadcasting and the launch of boy’s manga magazines, children’s characters and appearance mechanisms are also on the market.

2 “Evolving scale model – Enriching the hobby world”

 The variety model lineup is popular among scale models such as military-related vehicles such as ships, aircraft and tanks developed from Nautilus of Marsan and cars developed from the car boom since the 1960’s.

 In the early days, there were many things that used a motor to turn propellers and enjoy traveling, but the flow is pursued with realism such as appearance and detail while emphasizing the model and model of the actual machine , And the kit that moves with the motor hides the shadow.

 In 1968, a soldier doll of 1/35 scale was released from Tamiya, and from that time on, the military model of the same scale was named “Military Miniature Series” and it has been established as a popular series until now.

3 “From the dawn to the present, the source of power to support the market”

 The character model plastic which is the main stream of the current plastic model market starts penetrating to the market in a stroke, starting with the kit form of “Ultraman” and “Thunderbird” of the 1960s. In addition, original model such as “Robodachi” of 1975 which Mr. Sato Ozawa of the cartoonist designed, “SF 3. D ORIGINAL” ~ “Maschinen Krieger” leading to kitization from serial series of magazines is enriched.

 And, after Bandai’s “Mecha Collection” series of “Space Battleship Yamato”, etc., the appearance mechanism of “Mobile Suit Gundam” released in 1980 became a plastic model, “Gundamu” also became a social phenomenon, and the series continues until now , The kit was also reprinted in parallel, it became a hobby that can be enjoyed with parents and children 2 generations.

Source in Japanese language: GAME Watch

Tamiya Mini 4WD Con-d’Ele Festival 2018 Awarded Winning Works

Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi
Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Torresa Yokohama

Photos and details of some new Tamiya Mini 4WD releases

Tamiya 18093 Koala Racer VS Chassis

This Mini 4WD race car kit includes a driver figure featuring a Koala bear. The Koala sits atop the tried and true VS chassis.

VS Chassis
The VS Chassis is a lightweight and compact chassis with a short wheelbase. Hinged gear cover and battery holders make maintenance a simple task, so this chassis really is an excellent blend of easy use and high performance!

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 150mm, width: 97mm, height: 49mm.
• The VS Chassis is molded in White ABS.
• Comes with dedicated new sticker designs with a light green and sky-blue theme, and bamboo accents.
• Adorable Koala Racer figure comes pre-assembled and -painted.
• Large diameter narrow, lightweight Yellow wheels are paired with Green arched tires.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95439 Gun Bluster XTO Light Blue Special FM-A Chassis (PC Body)

2019 marks 25 years since the start of the Fully Cowled Mini 4WD series, and what better way to celebrate than with a special version of the Gun Bluster XTO. It is one for the racers – it features a lightweight clear polycarbonate body, and is mounted on the cutting-edge FM-A chassis, a front motor unit with refined aerodynamics and an easy-access motor position. The muscular body comes with dedicated clear stickers.

Aerodynamic Front Motor Chassis
The FM-A chassis is a front motor unit with advanced aerodynamic themes that – thanks to its center of gravity toward the front – is at home on a whole variety of track types including those with frequent elevation changes. It comes equipped with low-friction front skid bar and roller (4 included) parts, while rear rollers are 8mm thick for superb stability. The chassis underside allows easy access to the motor and quick setup changes. Includes 3.5:1 gears and a motor.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit.
• The FM-A Chassis and A parts are is molded in Light Blue.
• The racy Gun Bluster XTO body is molded in clear polycarbonate, which provides a weight savings of around half, compared with its plastic counterparts.
• White spiral type 6-spoke wheels are paired with hard small diameter low-profile tires (Light Blue).
• Dedicated clear stickers are included to decorate the body.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 3.5:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95440 Dash-X1 Proto Emperor Black Premium Special Super II Chassis

This is a Black Special version of the Dash-X1 Proto-Emperor Premium (original model: Item 18074), the car piloted by Jin Kidouin in the popular Japanese Mini 4WD cartoon “Dash! Yonkuro.” The model is mounted on the adaptable and speedy Super-II Chassis.

Super-II Chassis:
The Super-II Chassis is the next generation of the Super 1 Chassis, and it features race-ready advancements such as a reinforced bumper, rear stay secured by 2 rotating switches and screw-secured cover. The chassis also offers excellent adaptability.

• Mini 4WD model assembly kit. Length: 150mm, width: 97mm, height: 50mm.
• The Super-II Chassis is molded in Yellow ABS.
• The body comes molded in Black PS.
• Comes with updated, dedicated metallic stickers with a black and old gold theme.
• Black large-diameter, lightweight narrow wheels are paired with Yellow arched tires.
• Type 130 motor is included. The model features a 4.2:1 gear ratio.
• Two AA batteries are required (sold separately).
• A wide range of Grade-Up Parts is available separately to customize your machine.

Tamiya 95456 Basic Mini 4WD Car Box with Sleeve Avante JR 30th Anniversary

This special box celebrates the Avante Jr. 30th anniversary! It is a special version of the Basic Mini 4WD Car Box, with a new design and special sleeve! The handy box lets you both store your Mini 4WD machine safely and check against official Mini 4WD dimension regulations.

• Parts are included for one box and sleeve.
• Avante name and legendary “Being nuts is NEAT!” phrase printed on the blue box.
• Made from durable cardboard. Simple fold-together assembly.
• Sleeve is made from clear PET plastic, and will keep dust away from your car.
• Approx. 105x165mm internal dimensions correspond to Mini 4WD race regulations.
• External dimensions: 110 x 175 x 53mm. Fits neatly into the Mini 4WD Portable Pit.