2018 Tobu Tamiya modelers contest awarded work announcement

The model is also hot in the hot summer! Many works gathered at the venue of Tobuto Tamiya Modelers Gallery this year. 157 pieces gathered. Judges who selected works by themselves only with masterpieces that are hard to put on anything suffered very much. Because there were so many wonderful works so this time there are two special prizes newly appointed by Toshiaki Tamiya, chairman Tamaki Tamiya this time, furthermore, in recent years it has been difficult to see young people to participate in the contest, all 6 juniors who sent to the contest I was honored as a junior prize. Unfortunately this time the Mini 4WD Prize is no longer applicable, but next time I will be waiting for the work which started like the competition Deregans of the Mini 4WD Tournament. The state of the contest is scheduled to be published for the second issue of Tamiya News October issue (Vol.593), November issue (Vol.594). Please also see Tamiya news together.