Tamiya original goods July 2018 new product – NEW design joins the necktie and shoulder bags!

Tamiya Necktie King Tiger 4 colors – Release on Friday, July 6, 2018

German army heavy tank King tiger who appeared in 1944 in the latter half of World War II and was heavily armored by the Allied Army with heavy armor and a powerful 88 mm cannon. It is a necktie with a one-point embroidery of a 505 heavy tank battalion unit “Knight on a horse to attack” on the chest, woven into its fabric as data. Material is 100% silk. Using high-quality silk thread, it was consistently fabricated at the factory in Tokamachi City, Niigata prefecture from fabric weaving to sewing under severe quality control. Four colors of light blue, navy blue, gray and green are prepared for the color of the fabric. Model fans, military fans, as well as a business tie is a perfect tie for casually insisting on the fighting hidden in the chest.

Material: Silk 100% Width: 85 mm

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Tamiya box shoulder 4 types – Release around Saturday, July 7, 2018

It is a compact size shoulder bag ideal for small items such as wallets and cell phones. It is a big success both in town and outdoor. Since the slider has two sliders, it is easy to open and close the zipper, and easy to put in and out of the baggage. There is also an inner pocket that can store thin things. Using fabric nylon, finished calm. It is also the point that the inside baggage does not get wet. Body is blue, one point of fastener line black. The Tamiya logo was printed in gray and gathered up in a chic atmosphere. In addition, Tamiya pit-in shoulder pad which is sold separately can be attached to the belt.

★ Size: width 25 × length 18 × thickness 10 cm fabric: nylon

Tamiya pit-in shoulder pad 2 – Release on Saturday, July 7, 2018

Chic design that can be used conveniently
It is a shoulder pad made of 1 mm thick hard resin plate and 10 mm soft sponge as a core material By attaching to a belt such as a box shoulder, it reduces biting into the shoulder and reduces weight In addition, since the hook and loop fastener is attached inside, when using two hand belt such as tote bag, when fixing one side belt with hook and loop fastener, opening and closing Sometimes pads can be prevented from falling off, using fabric nylon, durability is enough. It is a chic design that gray Tamiya logo shines in black.

★ Size: 22 width × 6 length × thickness 1 cm fabric: nylon