Tamiya Optional parts catalog by RC model chassis (with new addition of TB-05 chassis)

Customize as you like with rich option parts

When getting into control, setting for finishing to a more controllable car and performance improvement are great fun. Tamiya’s RC car has abundant parts for that purpose. (Japanese PDF)

On-road model

  • TB-05 chassis

  • TA 07 chassis

  • TA 06 chassis

  • TB-04 chassis

  • TT-02 chassis

  • F104 chassis

  • RM-01 chassis

  • M-07 CONCEPT

  • M-05 chassis

  • M-06 chassis

Offroad model

  • TT-02B chassis

  • DT-03 chassis

  • MF-01X chassis

  • G6-01 chassis

  • GF-01 chassis

  • WR-02 chassis

  • CC-01 chassis

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