Tamiya Open House 2018 held on Saturday May 12th and Sunday 13th

Departure for Tamiya Expedition! Tamiya Open House Saturday, 12:00~16:30, Sunday 9:00~16:30

※ The opening may be delayed depending on the situation.

Tamiya head office will be opened to the public according to Shizuoka Hobby Show. As well as the historic center exhibiting products from the age of wooden models, the lobby where the real F1 machine is displayed, as well as the in-house observations such as the design department and the mold department that you can not usually see. In addition, you can enjoy plenty of contents a day, including the production of mini 4WD, the maneuvering of RC, the experience of making sweet decoration.

Tamiya head office building welcomed

A star’s mark shines, the head office building welcomes you. We are waiting for everyone’s visit with various real car display this year.

Tamiya historical center (observation point)

You can see precious wooden models, successive plastic models and RC cars.

Showroom (tour point)

Raybrick NSX who actually fought at the SUPER GT Championship, F1 machine of former years such as Lotus and Tyrel, “1/1 Wahgen off-loader” produced one-off based on 1/10 RC model is exhibited. Please take a closer look.

1/1 Mini 4WD Aero Avante Exhibited (Tour Point)

“If the Mini 4WD becomes a real car …” A fan is the only machine in the world that realized a dream that everyone can think through once. It will be exhibited at the Tamiya headquarters showroom during the hobby show, open house period! Please take a closer look at this opportunity.

Planning and Development Department Graphic Design Division Office Visit (Tour Point)

We visited an office where we can not usually see it. Special department staff will explain in an easy-to-understand manner.

Die Factory Tour & Injection Molding Machine Demonstration (Tour Point)

You can see the process of forming the mold and the way the plastic model is finished.

Robot sumo wrestling “Hebokon workshop class” to be enjoyed even by beginners (Experience event / charged)

Let’s challenge the topic “Hebokon” on the street! It is a robot work classroom that you can participate even without experience of work. This time we will use Tamiya’s RoboCraft series. As Tamiya staff will support the production, it is okay. RoboCraft series is freely decorated with plenty of materials to produce original robot. Let’s fight robot sumo wrestling robot made by staff after completion!
· · · However, the charm of Hekobon is not just strength! Make interesting movements and unique armed robots and let everyone say “up!” For a fun robot such as a unique strategy, a fantastic idea, a nice movement, the strength of sumo wrestling, we will give “Special Hebokon T – shirt”. Children who are not good at work should also join us. (Adults can also participate.)

Schedule May 12 (Sat), 13 (Sun) 9: 00 ~ 16: 30 ※ The last reception will be 13:00.
◎ Participation fee 1,404 yen (with decorative materials, dry batteries, tax included) ※ Accessories can be brought in.
◎ use kit Mechanical Kirin (71105) , mechanical Pig (71111) , mechanical Darby (71112) choose one from. ※ The stock may run out.
◎ Recommended for elementary school 3rd grade or above.
* If parents can help you to complete by co-production, you can join even if they are under 2 years old.

“Hebokon” is a project born from the popular site “Daily Portal Z”.
※ This event is not hosted by Daily Portal Z.

RC Car Experience Running Tour “Try !! Tamiya RC” (Experience Event / Free)

Let’s run Tamiya’s RC car thoroughly! “Try !! Tamiya RC” can challenge RC piloting with a simple mini game. Of course the machine is prepared in Tamiya. Join for free, of course invite your friends and join us!

Tamiya latest RC car “Triple Wheel Series Dancing Rider” Experience Running Meeting held (Experience Event / Free)

Tamiya’s latest RC car experiencing running meeting will be held. It features an affordable speed and a cute body. It is a new sense of three wheel RC car that cornering by tilting the car body. Since operation is easy, women and children are also welcome. Please experience it.

⇒ Check the running of the RC dancing rider with the animation! (YouTube)

Fujitsu dry batteries provided mini 4WD Japan Cup 2018 official course open to the public (observation point)

It will be the stage of the battle in 2018, the total length 169.8 meters “The Japan Cup 30 Year Classic Circuit 2018” is released for the first time! ! You can see actual courses such as “Vortex changer”, “New Era turn”, “Fujitsu climax road” etc. ※ You can not drive.

Mini 4WD Assembly Corner Installation (Experience Event / Paid)

Let’s make mini 4WD kit purchased at the sales corner etc on the day and play around! (We will accept at any time.) The completed machine can run on a dedicated circuit. Upon assembly, the staff will give a gentle lecture. * Driving on the circuit is limited to machines assembled in a work classroom. ※ There is no installation of the mini 4WD free running course.

Sweets Decoration Production Experience Corner (Experience Event / Paid)

Experience corner of “sweets decoration” which is popular every time. Make real sweets like clay and other materials. Since the work to make is different every year, please also look forward to this year. You can take home the completed work.
※ Works can not be eaten. Time 9: 15 ~ 16: 30 (15:30 reception end), accept at any time at the venue ⇒ For details, please click here. (Currently under preparation)

Separate events

Let’s enjoy with parents and children. Latest RC Touring Car Assembly Classroom!

Visit to hobby show and Tamiya open house. Weekend of Hobby Zamani “Tamiya RC Tour 2018 Spring” held, such as running at Tamiya Circuit!
We planned “Tamiya RC Tour 2018 Spring” of Hobby Zamo, spending with TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) staff. You can enjoy RC car assembly class, RC run at Tamiya circuit, visit Tamiya open house and Shizuoka hobby show. Please join us with parents and children.

⇒ For more details please click here.

Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit RC Experience Bus Tour to Go with Dr. Taki

We planned a bus tour that you can experience “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit” opened in June 2016 as the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit. On the morning of May 13th (Sunday), we enjoyed each hobby show venue and departed to Kakegawa circuit by charter bus from noon. Light talk of “Taki Dr. Taki” creator of Tamiya RC car? Lunch time in the car while listening. After arriving at the circuit, there are plenty of contents such as a tour of the facility and powerful engine RC car race, an experience traveling society where the RC car can actually be steered, special sales corner of the RC kit etc. Also, participants have a big souvenir. Recommended tour to those who would like to see Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit.

⇒ For more details please click here.

Map ⇒ Access here

■ The pattern of the event is taken with still images, movies, etc., and it may be published on each media related to Tamiya, such as printed matter and homepage. Please acknowledge your participation.
■ The organizer will pay attention to accident prevention, but we can not assume the responsibility in case of accident, theft, injury or other damage.
■ While I am careful about safety management during the event, please bring a copy of insurance certificate for a moment’s circumstances.
■ For theft prevention, please be sure to wear valuables.
■ Please refrain from drinking in the hall. Moreover, those who did the trouble acts of other customers and those who do not follow instructions of the staff may be sent out. Please note.
Event contents may change without notice. Please note.