Tamiya Japan Cup 30th Anniversary Project Mini 4WD Design Contest

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mini 4WD Japan Cup, we will publicly announce the mini 4WD body design!
We are waiting for entries for Mini 4WD fans all over Japan.
Application period: 17th April to 31st July 2018

Mini 4WD Japan Cup will be held Commemorating the year of the 30th, 2018, the Mini 4WD design contest for the first time in 11 years! In addition to the prize money possibility to be commercialized as a mini 4WD kit Regardless of professional or amateur, we are waiting for entries from a wide range of people!

Application Guidelines for Tamiyami Shimbun Design Contest
Offering content We are looking for mini 4WD body design. In addition to the attractiveness as a design, the evaluation criterion is also one of the criteria whether it is a reproducible shape in the existing mini 4WD chassis.
Organizer Tamiya Corporation
Applicants qualified It is not limited to companies, organizations, individuals or groups, age, sex, occupation, nationality, but limited to residents in Japan. Please note that the entries must be unpublished domestically and abroad.
Application period April 17, 2018 – July 31, 2018 (must arrive on the day)
Prize Best prize (1 piece)
Second prize: Prize of 500,000 yen and commercialization as a mini 4WD (exhibited at the event venue etc.)Excellent prize (2 works)
Second prize: prize 100,000 yen (announced at the event venue etc. ) · We will exhibit)

Other various additional awards are planned

Application scores Up to 3 works per person (Up to 4 images can be uploaded per work)
Application method ● Please fill in the necessary information from the submission form, upload the JPEG format image and apply.
● Maximum 4 entries per work, up to 3 MB each for file size For details , please refer to [ Related items on image data ]
● If you submit more than one work, enter necessary items for each work Please apply.
● We prepared a template file that conforms to the application rules. → Downloading of templates is here
● Please observe the various notes · rights provision concerning the application , please apply only when you can acknowledge it.
Announcement Schedule the first day of the All Japan Model Hobby Show on Friday, September 28, 2018. The
judging committee of the organizer will conduct strict judgment from among all the submissions.
Schedule to be held in August 2018. In addition to directly contacting the winner, the winner will also make presentations and exhibitions on the Internet and at event venues organized by Tamiya.
Please be forewarned that we may contact you in advance with contest winners.

Related items on image data

· The acceptance file format is JPEG (. Jpg) format.
· Up to three image data can be used per work.
· You can draw an image sketch on the first piece and a format such as a supplementary explanation on the second piece.
· The file name is half-size alphanumeric characters, please name “machine name _ picture number .jpg”. (Example: avante_001.jpg)
· When using multiple images for one work, please be sure to recognize the same work as serial number such as “avante_001.jpg”, “avante _ 002.jpg” etc.
· The file size should be 3 MB or less per one sheet.
· It is not possible to cancel or replace the application data already accepted.
· Image resolution and image size are 72 dpi 3300 x 2000 pixels or less Color mode is RGB. Please trim the margins.
· There is no designation of production application.
· It is not possible to cancel or replace the application data already accepted.

Notes concerning entry · Right provision

· Entry works are limited to those unqualified domestically and abroad by the qualified applicants themselves.
· Please refrain from publishing images of entered works (including production process) until the results of judging are announced.
· The organizer is not responsible for lost documents, data or accidents due to communication circumstances.
· Competition entries are free, but all expenses required for entry (including material fee, communication fee, shipping fee etc) will be borne by qualified applicants.
· In the event that a winning entry is won, all rights relating to patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and copyrights of all the countries of the submitted work in Japan and in the world shall belong to the organizer. In addition, the consideration for the assignment of the right shall be allocated with the prize prize or the prize prize prescribed by the organizer.
· When announcing the award-winning work, we will post the name, age, etc. of the qualified applicant as the award recipient on the announcement medium. At the same time you may receive comments from the person concerned and post it.
· If the awarded work is produced on a computer, we may ask you to submit the original data.
· Applicants will allow the organizer to use the entries free of charge for introduction and recording of the contest.
· If the submitted work is the same as or closely resembles the previously announced design, or if it is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party (including the case of infringement after the application), furthermore, a false If there is a description, even after the announcement of the winning result, the award may be canceled.
· When it becomes necessary to negotiate items other than those stated in the application guidelines, it will be decided by the organizer’s judgment. Applicants qualified can withdraw their entries if they fail to agree to the content, but they will not bear any expenses required for entry.
· After receiving the work, the organizer will pay full attention to the management of the submitted work, but will not take any responsibility for damage or loss of data based on natural disasters or other unexpected accidents.
· Products to be commercialized may be used by modifying part of the work as appropriate for commercialization.
· Eligible entrants who won this contest will have the right to use the results for their promotional activities.
· Winners can propose the car name of the awarded work, but the organizer can change without notice. In addition, the final car name has the right for the organizer to register trademark as product name.
· For minors, the consent of parental authority is required when winning.
· The organizer may abbreviate, postpone, modify, cancel this contest without notice. In that case, the organizer has no responsibility.
· Personal information obtained from qualified applicants is managed based on the ” Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection ” prescribed by Tamiya Co., Ltd. , for the purpose of sharing operational contacts and materials, announcing related events and statistical processing We will only use it. In addition, we may outsource to a cooperating company selected by the organizer or provide information to the group company that individuals can not identify.

Inquiries concerning applications

Please inquire from the form below Tamiya Mini 4/4 Design Contest Secretariat . Form is here
· In response to inquiries you may get time of a few days. Please note