Tamiya Grand Prix, holding a Dancing Rider class with a challenge cup!

Tamiya Grand Prix, holding a dancing rider class with a challenge cup!
From April 2018 we will hold a dancing rider class with Tamiya Grand Prix and Tamiya’s Challenge Cup. Also plan to hold a dancing rider’s final game at the Spring Cup held in 2019! It will be the first big title by a representative from the Challenge Cup to be held at the TRF project shop.

Dancing Rider Class Regulation
Chassis: T3-01
Motor: Kit Standard 370 Motor
Battery: LF-1100 made by Tamiya 6.6 V or 4 Tamiya AA batteries
Body: Dancing Rider
Tire / Wheel: Front Kit Standard Rear Tamiya M Chassis Tire / Wheel
Gear Ratio: Kit Standard Gear Ratio
Minimum Weight: No Limit

※ Please be sure to install the Tamiya driver doll. There is no restriction on how to remove and fix the support arm.
※ Tamiya sponsored events will be held sequentially in the above regulations. Please confirm with the organizing store about the challenge cup regulation hosted by the shop.

Final race
○ Held at Spring Cup 2019 (tentative name) scheduled to be held in March 2019
○ Up to 3 delegates from the Challenge Cup hosting store

will be informed as soon as additional information is confirmed.
※ Please check the calendar of the meeting for the schedule of each competition.