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Tamiya Carp Mini 4WD limited production model

Hiroshima Carp and Tamiya of Mini 4WD are dream collaborations!

※ The picture is a kit assembled.

◆ Features
A special kit based on the mini 4WD version of “Boomerang”, a famous car that built one era in the 1980’s RC car boom, “Boomerang RS” (released in 2005).
The aerodynamic form where the body of the wedge shape is directly connected to the large rear wing is characteristic.
The chassis adopts the popular “VS” type currently in the mini 4WD race scene, and it is possible to make quick cornering making use of light weight & short wheelbase.
※ “Mini 4WD” is a registered trademark of Tamiya.

◆ Basic Specification

· Total length at completion
· about 146 mm · overall width about 90 mm
· total height of about 52 mm
· with 130 types of normal motor
· assembly is fitted with no adhesive required
※ Age 10 or more

◆ Separately Required
· Two AA batteries

◆ Tools used
· Nipper
· Cutter knife
· Phillips screwdriver M

Source and order location (Japanese)