7 thoughts on “Tamiya 58655 1/10 Citroën 2CV Charleston M-05 Chassis @ Nuremberg Toy Fair 2018

  1. Gaalen

    Seems to be a lexan body, with that awefull bodyposts ?
    Why not a hard body with a another attaching system.

  2. admin Post author

    I guess as hard bodies aren’t not exactly good solution for runners, its an R/C car in the end and no static model.
    The body is very nicely made and if someone doesn’t want bodyposts he doesn’t need to drill the holes but can use other methods to attach it.

  3. Marco Berti

    Una cosa non è proprio giusta, la larghezza dei pneumatici che non corrisponde alla realtà

  4. admin Post author

    Surely, in the end its a running function model so compromises for acceptable performance have to be made.

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