Tamiya Mini 4WD Champions 2018

The highest peak of the mini 4WD racer at the Tamiya mini 4/4 accredited competition, Champions.
Tamiya Mini 4/4 Official Games Approved as a “Champions” player who won the Open Class and praise its honor.

52 people certified by the Champions as of January 1, 2018

Everyone who received Champions’ certification in 2017 (29 people)
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 NEW YEAR (5 people)
Okayama Competition, Kakegawa Competition, Tokyo Convention, Ehime Competition, Sendai Competition
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 SPRING (7 people)
Kumamoto Tournament, Tokyo Tournament 1, Hokkaido Tournament, Osaka Tournament, Okayama Tournament, Tokyo Tournament 2, Ehime Tournament
■ Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2017 (15 people)
Osaka Games 1, Shizuoka Tournament, Kumamoto Tournament, Tokyo Tournament 2, Ehime Tournament, Sendai Tournament, Niigata Tournament, Hokkaido Tournament, Tokyo Tournament 3D, Tokyo Tournament 3, Kakegawa Tournament, Osaka Tournament 2, Fukui convention, West Japan convention EX, Tokyo convention EX
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 WINTER (2 people)
Tokyo Games, Hokkaido Tournament

The players (23) who got excellent results at the following competitions at the 16-17 Champions Certified will extend the certification period to December 31, 2018 * as a special case.
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 NEW YEAR (5 people) Okayama, Kakegawa, Tokyo, Ehime, Sendai
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 SPRING (6 people) Kumamoto, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka, Tokyo 2, Ehime
■ Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2017 (9 people) Shizuoka, Kumamoto, Ehime, Niigata, Hokkaido, Tokyo 3, Kakegawa, Osaka 2, Fukui
■ Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2017 Winter (1 person) Tokyo *
■ Mini 4WD World Challenge 2017 (1 person) Japan national team
■ Mini 4WD Championship (1 person)
※ The competitors will be certified until January 31, 2019.

About Champions Special Award athletes
Awards for long-term enrollment and athletes who have remarkable results in the Champions will be awarded as “Champions Special Award”.
■ Champions Certified Period The players who have confirmed their continuation for 5 years (Players who received Championship certification after 2014: Continue for 6 years including certified year)
■ Japan Cup Champion (Open Class or Champions) and World in the same year Challenge and championship
■ All series of Mini 4WD Grand Prix (NY, SP, WT etc) at the Champions in the same year, players who won the Japan Cup etc.
■ 2018 Special Award Athletes (2)
Champions Certified for 5 years Continuce fixed players will be special awards players, the long-awaited Champions’ right to exercise can be exercised.

Champions’ race participation procedure
Please have a valid ID card and go directly to the convention headquarters. I will check the name, ID card, we will give you the Champions Entry Seal. (Please come to the venue by the start of the second qualifying at the latest.

Method of race progress when the Champions participate
· First preliminary round: It will be mixed with open class. As the course will be the A course in principle, please show the entry seal so that you can see the Champions as a car inspection staff and starter. (If you finish in 1st place, the second or lower player will be in second qualifying advancement.)

· Secondary preliminary round: We will run out between the Champions. (There is a car inspection column for Champions by the venue.)
* Depending on the number of participants, there are cases where we narrow down the finalists in the second preliminary round. In addition, we may not be able to run if aggregate is delayed by calling.

· Finals: We decide the runners combination by lottery. Since the final will be in progress with other classes, if you have a final call, please hurry to the inspection area.

· About special awards players: Championship races, such as Japan Cup, World Challenge, Championship, etc., will be on stage as Champions. Other Mini 4WD Grand Prix series etc. will make a special race between the special race players in the final race. It is also possible not to exercise the right of running a long time. In that case it will be handled in the following certification period.

· Certified Competition About Mixed Run with Open Class: Combination of 1 race runner in open class and other champions is prohibited.

About the Champions Certification Period
The competitors who won the Tamiya Mini 4/4 Official Competition Open Class will be certified from the next competition (including the championship) until December 31 of the following year. However, if you win the certificate in the open class, the extension of the Champions ‘certification period may be approved by the special case if you win the Champions during the extended period during the Champions’ Certification Extension the following year.

(Information as of December 11, 2017)