Tamiya New Item Release list for November 2017

R/C Models
 54738  Medium-Narrow 18-Spoke Wheels (24mm Width, Offset 0) (Hard) 4pcs.
 54739  Medium-Narrow 5-Spoke Wheels (24mm Width, Offset 0) (Hard) 4pcs.
 54776  Aluminum Damper Retainer (1mm Up Type)

Scale Models
 24345  1/24 Mercedes-AMG GT3
 32592  1/48 U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams
 16023  1/6 Kawasaki Z1300 Motorcycle Engine
 16024  1/6 Honda CB750F Motorcycle Engine
 36202  1/16 German Kübelwagen Type 82 Africa Corps w/Feldmarschall Rommel
 36205  1/16 German Kübelwagen Type 82 European Campaign

 95361  Festa Jaune Black Special (MA Chassis)
 95365  Mini 4WD Lupine Racer GT
 95366  Mini 4WD Dog Racer GT
 95378  Mini 4WD Oval Home Circuit (Two-Level Lane Change) plus Rise-Emperor & God Burning Sun
 95323  Super Hard Low-Profile Tire (Black)
 95360  DCR-01 Body Parts Set (Light Smoke)
 95379  Lightweight Double Aluminum Rollers (13-12mm)
 95380  Lightweight Double Aluminum Rollers (9-8mm)

Tools & Paints
 70228  Arm Crawler (2-Channel Remote Control)
 69917  Track & Wheel Set (Black/Metallic Gray)
 70229  32mm Dia. Sprocket & Track Set
 81787  Acrylic Mini XF-87 IJN Gray (Maizuru Arsenal)
 85100  TS-100 Semi-Gloss Bright Gun Metal

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