6 thoughts on “First photo of Tamiya 58650 Volkswagen Beetle Rally MF-01X

  1. stuart carling

    I love this new rally beetle
    I have always wanted to do a baja style bug and this is the perfect start !
    when might it be released in the uk ?
    thank you

  2. Janet Kenyon

    Omg! I love it. The number is prefect. February 17th is my birthday. 217. So when and where will this one be available in Washington state? Is it going to be a full kit with remote control and battery? Is the body going to be clear lexin or will it come pre painted?

  3. admin Post author

    It should be available before you birthday, for dealers close to you check here https://www.tamiyausa.com/dealers/
    This one will be a kit with unpainted lexan body and no RC, a ready to run version could possibly be released later.
    Best regards

  4. Ruth Penner

    We race Class 11 with Score International, we will be racing the 50th Baja 1000 this November in our stock Beetle. This would make a super cool Christmas gift for my husband. Is it able to be built for r/c?

  5. admin Post author

    That sounds excellent and yes, that is a model made for R/C.
    By the way your Baja donation project is fantastic!
    Best regards

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