Synapse Tamiya Mini 4WD Can Badge Collections

Do you know? The birth of that machine. Do you remember? The excitement I got at the model shop. “Mini 4WD” series (mini 4wd) series that attracts adults from many children over 30 years since their birth. It is the emergence of a design that tributes the package design from the time of its launch, approaching fans beyond generations, on a can badge. To the designers “SPIRIT VISION” of product design and character / artwork centered on custom cars, we will deliver the message to the children I do not know now, and also the message through mono / design for the excitement of the then excitement.

67372 Synapse mini4wd can badge collection vol.1 (Hornet Jr., Boomerang Jr., Big Wig Jr. 3 types of sets)
★ razor mini 4-wheel drive package can badge tribute ★ Hornet Jr, Boomerang Jr, Big Vig Jr 3 types of set
★ diameter 57 mm
● Selling agency : Synapse ● Designer: SPIRIT VISION

67373 Synapse mini4wd can badge collection GUP vol.1 (3 guide rollers set)
★ Three sets of guide rollers
★ Diameter 57 mm
● Publisher: Synapse ● Designer: SPIRIT VISION