Details and photos of Tamiya 58646 1/18 Kong Head 6X6 (G6-01 chassis)

Konghead 6X6 (G6-01 chassis)
This is a model that extends the pleasures of running a high rough road running performance and comical finish unique to 6 wheel drive. Adopting a monocoque frame with a slim shape but high strength, use gear for power transmission. The motor is mounted behind the front axle, and the gear transmits the power to the front shaft and the second shaft. Furthermore, the gear train 6WD system which transmits power from the 2nd axis to the 3rd axis also with gears. You do not choose a place to demonstrate outstanding driving power and run.

● Electric RC car series No. 646 1/18 RC KONGHEAD 6 × 6 (G6-01 CHASSIS) (58646)
★ Length 453 mm. ★ The body which imaged the American trailer head is made of polycarbonate. ★ It is a finish with a high sense of scale that made an air cleaner and a muffler as separate parts of the plating parts.