Details and photos of Tamiya 31460 1/700 Japanese navy destroyer island style

Japan Navy destroyer The island style completed in 1943 as a new destroyer shouldering the next generation of the island style Japanese Navy is fully renovated.Modeled the figure at the final time (around November 1944). Slim hulls pursuing high speed are split left and right, upper deck also reproduces richly as separate parts. The outboard circuit on the side of the hull and the mold on the top of the deck on which the anti-skid is applied will increase the sense of density of the finish. It is an offshore model that cuts down the hull from the waterline.

● 1/700 Water Line Series 1/700 JAPANESE NAVY DESTROYER SHIMAKAZE (31460)
★ Length 185 mm. ★ It is possible to turn with a poly cap, a five-unit torpedo launch pipe dedicated for the island style and a 12.7 cm continuous gun. ★ Precise finish around the bridge equipped with a wind fence. ★ Masts are also delicately reproduced.