Some future Tamiya Mini 4WD releases to be presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017

18646 JR DCR-01 – MA Chassis
18647 JR Starter Pack MA Power Spec – Blast Arrow
18085 JR Lupine Racer – VS Chassis
18086 JR Dog Racer – Super II Chassis
19450 JR Spin Cobra Premium – Super II Chassis
95308 JR The Bigwig RS – Super II Chassis
15511 JR Lg Dia LP Tires/6-Sp Wheels – Large Diameter/Low Profile
15513 JR Low Profile Tire/Wheel Set – 5-Spoke
95312 JR Body Set DCR-01 – Gun Metal
95301 JR 13mm Ball-Race Rollers – LW Aluminum (Ringless)
95314 JR Slimline Mass Damper Set – Black
95316 JR AR Fluorescent Chassis – Orange

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