Tamiya model exhibition at Takayama Uichi memorial museum of art


Model of Tamiya is coming to the museum.
Tamiya, which began from the wooden model will celebrate the 70 anniversary of its founding this year. “Model of Tamiya came” Exhibition plastic model from wooden model is, the model moves, such as a radio control model and mini four-wheel drive, will introduce the charm of the model culture while tracing the history of Tamiya, such as scene work of model writer. In addition, and it works exhibition towards our local model club is the venue, the popular “four wheel drive mini Workshop” as a work event of the summer vacation, the movement to make fun Robo Craft series “ROBOT classroom”, popular with women of Suites also held decoration experience make such events. Tamiya original goods such as and events product sales there is also a shopping corner. Please by all means experience the Tamiya in the museum this summer.

★ Period held
August 6, 2016 (Saturday) to September 4 (Sunday)
10:00 to 18:00 (Admission until 17:30) ※ During the exhibition days a week
★ Venue Shichinohe Municipal Takayama Uichi Memorial Museum 〒 039-2501 Aomori Prefecture kamikita district shichinohe character bear within 67-94 http://www.takayamamuseum.jp/
■ Admission general and university students 850 (650) yen in, high-production 500 (400) yen elementary school students 300 (200) yen ※ () in the advance tickets and more than 20 people in the organization, residents College student, discounted rates such as JAF member. ※ Advance tickets, you can purchase at i.JTB ticket handling of the convenience store each store. i.JTB Item Number ⇒ 0243635 ( “Ticket Pia” Can not be handling.)
■ the contents
1) Tamiya and history of the model history a model of Tamiya celebrating this year its 70th anniversary from the product of the wooden model era to the latest model introducing while tracing. At the time of the interview photos and the finished product, package, such as the original article in the exhibition. Learn more about the world of the model.
2) scene exhibition exhibition to bring together the work of scene artists decorate the magazine, such as a model professional journals. To simple work to attract people to see from the large scene work and powerful, it is the corner of the impressive perfect score.
3) Aomori Modeler’s Club Exhibition local, is the work exhibition of model club that has been active in Aomori. Cooperation: Aomori plastic Modeler’s Club
4) Summer vacation work classroom in advance please make a reservation by phone