Tamiya celebrates 40 years of RC cars with commemorative 84431 1/10 R/C Porsche 934 Jägermeister TA02-SW Limited Edition

tamiya 844312016 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of the Vaillant-liveried Tamiya Porsche 934 (Item 58001). It was the first ever Tamiya R/C car model and one which would kick off a major worldwide trend that still continues to this day. This kit is part of the celebrations of that anniversary, and recreates the 934 in distinctive Jägermeister livery. This highly detailed body runs on the short wheelbase and wide stance TA02SW chassis. The kit includes a plethora of option parts to make this a very special release.

tamiya 84431 2The TA-02SW exhibits a short-wheelbase and has a wide track to accommodate the scale form of the real sports car. It normally features a tub chassis with 4-wheel, fully independent suspension coupled with a rear ball differential and a front gear type differential. This special edition is fitted with a double deck FRP chassis for increased rigidity.

Option Parts Included:
Item 53142 Aluminum Motor Mount
Item 53166 FRP Chassis Set
Item 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay
Item 54608 CC-01 Assembly Universal Shafts
Item 53152 Hard Propeller Shaft
Item 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay
Item 53806 Ball Diff Cup Joint for Universal Shaft


The 934 is recreated stunningly in durable polycarbonate, with separate side mirror and wing parts. Separate light cases are also included.
Comes with an LED light unit to light up headlights and taillights for the ultimate realistic appearance.
The TA02SW chassis was previously used on the 911 GT2 Racing (Items 58172, 84399 and 47321). It offers a short (236mm) wheelbase and wide tread setup; similar to that so often employed by Porsche.
This kit uses the FRP chassis set, which transforms the chassis into a double deck unit using rigid and lightweight FRP material parts.
FRP front and rear damper stays ensure optimum performance from the CVA oil damper-fitted 4-wheel double wishbone suspension.
The stainless steel propeller shaft is highly durable and offers efficient transmission of power.
Includes front and rear assembly universal shafts, which come with ball diff cup joints.
Enclosed front and rear gear cases have built-in diff gears. The rear is fitted with a ball differential.
Comes with 2-piece wheels, tires and inner sponges. The rear of the model uses wide wheels.
Full ball bearings included.


1/10 scale R/C model assembly kit
Length: 435mm
Width: 202mm
Height: 130mm

Source: Tamiya

4 thoughts on “Tamiya celebrates 40 years of RC cars with commemorative 84431 1/10 R/C Porsche 934 Jägermeister TA02-SW Limited Edition

  1. poul frederiksen

    Wow i love it. I hope the gearboxes have an unique color to this special kit.


    I would much prefer the Porsche 959 Paris Dakar in 1/10 scale with the figurines of Metge and Lemogne in the scale cockpit.

    Except with lightbulbs and LED kit. The classic 1986 Porsche rally car but bigger and better than ever-custom fitted with a GT Tuned Motor -or similar maybe even a BZ ??

    40th anniversary of RC:

    Hotshot II
    Avante 2001
    Porsche 959 1/10 scale
    Bear Hawk
    Super sabre

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