Tamiya 70223 Friction Powered Snail & 70224 Swimming Dolphin Videos

The battery is also a tool set of ecological snail type robot to proceed without also used motor. The has created a movement to the energy of the inertia of the flywheel to rotate (flywheel) is a power unit that. Turn the wheel instead of the charge wheel is incorporated in the power unit rotates the metal flywheel, accumulated power. The movement of the flywheel continues to rotate will advance become a power.

Is a tool set that the image of a figure of the dolphin swim vigorously moving the tail fin up and down. Underwater gear changing the rotational movement of the box into a reciprocating motion in the crank, it was the tail fin of a soft resin sheet to move up and down while Mase, also swimming as a dolphin while moving up and down head in conjunction with the movement Masu skills. Pretty pink resin sheet or a float is the image of a river dolphin. Underwater gear box and a soft resin sheet, float, etc., have been all necessary parts set, assembly is easy because it is a simple structure.