Full photo and description list of new Tamiya Radio Control releases shown at 55th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2016

58629 1/10 RC Mercedes-Benz G 320 Cabrio (MF-01 X chassis)
cross-country model G-Class of Mercedes-Benz. Among them, 1997 and 2001 were sold, G 320 Cabrio equipped with electric opening and closing the soft top adds to the electric RC car. Angulated was unique polycarbonate body, the texture of the hood part it is also enough. Chassis compact shaft drive 4WD to enjoy the run not choose the road surface from on-road to dirt, it adopted the MF-01 X.
★ total length 389mm. ★ of the front grille emblem and door mirror plating parts. ★ stitch of the hood is represented by a sticker. ★ The 7-spoke wheel was fitted with a hollow rubber tires.

controller Bull maneuvers property is ideal as a basic 4WD buggy. Body and the rear wing is strong polycarbonate in shock at lightweight. V line and the checkered flag is distinctive color ring for sticker tightens the form. Chassis TT-02B of the shaft drive 4WD. Star dish wheel of CVA oil damper and fluorescent yellow of white-collar is attention.
★ total length 370mm. ★ TT-02B chassis use the bathtub frame that employs a high boat-shaped bottom of the skid effect. ★ built-in plastic Diff smooth differential to the front and back of the sealed gear case.

58631 1/10 RC Subaru Impreza Monte Carlo ’99 (TT-02 chassis)
machine that showed active in the World Rally Championship in 1999 is the emergence in the electric RC car. Reproduce the form of force to realistic polycarbonate with a blister fender. Such as Subaru of Mutsure stars and bib was prepared by the sticker. TT-02 chassis is easy to handle shaft drive 4WD. In fin design wheel of gold color, it was fitted with a rally block tires.
★ total length 442mm. ★ tightens form a large rear wing and door mirror as a separate component. ★ TT-02 chassis is excellent in the steering stability by the great balanced design, easy to assemble, better maintainability.

58636 TA07 PRO Chassis Kit
is the “TA” series long-awaited new appeared. In order to exert the optimum roll and pitch stiffness, characteristic composite type chassis is a combination of the upper frame to a narrow type of Lower Deck. Drive system is a highly efficient single belt 4WD. In addition, basic mounting position of the motor can be selected three places in the only re-adjustment of the belt tension, to accommodate a variety of course layouts and settings.
★ TRF419 suspension arms around and around gear diff, steering Ackerman, adopted a servo mount of the type cantilever. ★ standard equipment high-performance parts such as TRF damper and universal shaft.

participated in the 2016 season of racing track race to collect popular in Europe, he was to reproduce the TEAM HAHN RACING of the machine, which is expected. Trailer head body is divided into four parts made of polycarbonate. Side mirrors, couplers, front light is available in a different part of the molded article, a high sense of scale finish. Chassis has adopted the TT-01E easy to handle shaft drive 4WD.
★ total length 438mm. ★ tire outside diameter 70mm racing track-only in the new design. ★ Many of the sponsor logo provided by the sticker. ★ LED (sold separately) can be attached to the front and rear of the light case.

42301 1/10 RC TRF419X CHASSIS KIT
pure racer, TRF419 was further evolution. Including the double deck of the carbon-made 2.15mm thickness Roy & 2.0mm upper, front and rear bulkhead, motor mount, change the materials and shapes, such as servo mount. Further use of the big bore damper and new rear upright of Super Short, by low and wide of the suspension mount, was more to stabilize the behavior during cornering.
★ including the carbon-made Upper Lower Deck, the front and rear aluminum bulkhead and aluminum motor mount is also specially designed. ★ will demonstrate easy traveling performance that corresponds to the wide range of situations.

84424 1/10 RC M-05 Ver.II R CHASSIS KIT
is a race specification incorporating the OP parts to M-05 Ver.II. Adopts double cardan drive shaft designed for M chassis greatly reduces driving loss, ensuring traction by increasing the shock absorption performance in the TRF aluminum short dampers. In addition, to improve the cornering performance is equipped with upright for M-05Ra, was achieved even lighter using a lightweight aluminum battery holder.
★ aluminum parts and plastic parts are unified in virile black. ★ also consideration to ensure tightening and maintenance by the user, using a hexagon socket screw. ★ also equipped with stainless steel suspension shaft and low friction adjuster.

84427 1/10 RC TB EVO. 6 MS CHASSIS KIT
latest model of the shaft drive 4WD is appeared. Suppressing the twisting of the chassis employs a double deck frame of aluminum 2mm thick Roy and carbon steel 2mm thick upper, corresponding to the high grip road surface such as carpet course. Motor is placed next to the left side, only by the aluminum center bulkhead of design enhances the support rigidity of the spur gear and Maitagiya, it is up reduction and durability of the shake.
★ and lightweight aluminum damper stays mount of specially designed, lightweight aluminum propeller shaft, also, such as aluminum big bore short damper equipment. ★ adopt an integrated stabilizer stopper.

Mercedes-Benz G 320 will join the XB series of complete RC car. Polycarbonate body is silver, the hood is painted with texture some flat black, stitch also represented by a sticker. Chassis can enjoy the run not choose the road surface from on-road to Dart compact shaft drive 4WD, adopting the MF-01 X. RC mechanism has little worry of interference, is a 2.4GHz specification that there is no hassle of band exchange.
★ total length 389mm. ★ 7 to-spoke wheels, fitted with a hollow rubber tire tread pattern has been engraved. ★ wheel trigger type of transmitter, running for the 7.2V battery and charger is also set.

that 1/10 electric RC car enjoy the engine car in the body of a typical 190mm width is a new chassis based on the concept. 3mm thick duralumin Roy, to the shaft-driven 4WD chassis that employs a high-rigidity double deck frame of resin upper, Tamiya FS-12FN engine and a single mission of easy characteristic equipped. The suspension has been equipped with a CVA super mini to a narrow arm of the new development.
★ FS-12FN slide carburetor engine with a suction port of the tapered shape, die-cast heat sink head, equipped with a TM-4 muffler. In linear torque characteristics, also it features easy to adjust.

58634 1/10 RC NSX (TT-02 CHASSIS)
soon is the new NSX, which wowed the sports car fans around the world is also appeared in RC. It reproduced polycarbonate body to the lower-wide forum which honed aerodynamics vehicle as it is. Long characteristic door mirror of stay began the headlights and tail lights that are referred to as the “Jewel eye” of separate parts, one side 6 lights, such as intake mesh of each part was prepared by the sticker.
★ total length 438mm. ★ chassis basic shaft drive 4WD, adopted the TT-02. ★ to the wheel of the mesh design, tread pattern was also fitted with a realistic radial tire.

appeared in the Second World War the end, it appeared in the German Jagdpanzer IV / 70 (V) rung RC bravely until the end of the war. The low silhouette surrounded by inclination armor, modeled in high feel the fearless appearance with a 70 caliber 7.5cm gun. Forward-reverse and left and right turning, the movement of the gun barrel can be operated, also realized the gun barrel after the seat and the body reaction at the time of shooting. Movement sound is synchro in such as engine sound and gun firing sound, and tuning also launch light gun and the front of the vehicle body machine gun.
★ total length 532mm. ★ made gun barrel is machined aluminum out. ★ including Schulze emissions of the vehicle side, equipment and spare track is also part of, such as the engine room top surface. ZIMMERIT for seal also set ★.shooting. Movement sound is synchro in such as engine sound and gun firing sound, and tuning also launch light gun and the front of the vehicle body machine gun.