Flashback Friday – 1964 Vintage Mokei Tamiya Super Express (Deluxe) Railway Train

Release date 1964/12
Release price 350 Japanese Yen

Tamiya in the early days of the plastic model will announce the truly unique kit. When is exactly 1964, Tokyo Olympic and Shinkansen year. It will be on sale at the beginning vehicle only ¥ 100 to a whopping October July and without waiting for the opening of as “running super-express”. After that, it across two accompanying vehicles after two months from the actual vehicle debut was a 4-car train “Deluxe Edition” was announced. This kit, well see if I can not find the notation “Hikari” and “Kodama No.”. Or simply did not want to limit to either, or whether that was decided the nickname of the real vehicle was slow, does not have a detailed article in our laboratory. Please tell anyone you know who. After all feature line and motor running at but also no rubber tires, contains a reverse switch hit the wall, it will be come back automatically. However, this is correct to think that assumption of only at the beginning vehicle version, also contains the long-awaited reversal switch is a four-car train, because power is not in the lead vehicle after the change of direction (that is, the original end of the vehicle), behind consolidation of the four-car pushed from the bend Kunekune, was probably not go to the very straight ahead. Simply it may also be caused by the fact that the difference of the lot, but the place that compared the super-express both you have stored in our laboratory, towards the deluxe version was found that molding color of white is white. ¥ 100 edition like security inspection car who is yellow like I think (Did was? Best regards towards the railway mania). Description of the manual. If you run in the “200 kilometers of speed, also have happened danger not to until now. To 16 mm of steel plate, called the skirt is made ​​to the thickness of the six with a total of 96 mm is to snip ~ forehead. This is Hey I heavy tank comparable “of the Soviet Union. . .