Mazda engine cover and Tamiya RC chassis (from Tokyo Auto Salon 16)

Toyobo, in the “Automotive World 2016” which has been held up to 15 days for foam molding the “Guraimaido” was and Mazda vehicles for engine cover adoption, Tamiya for radio-controlled chassis using GF composite material for press molding “Quick Forms” It exhibited, and the like. Heat resistance, wear resistance, self-extinguishing, for Mazda vehicles for engine cover made ​​of Guramaido with such as oil resistance, contributing to improved fuel economy by further lighter than “normal resin engine cover. Conventional about 30% lightly became “the company staff than goods says. The booth was also placed corner that can compare the weight of the conventional model and the new material model of the engine cover. In addition, impact resistance, high strength, as adoption track record of quick form with high elasticity, part of the radio-controlled car chassis kit “TRF 211XM” the works team of Tamiya to expand has been exhibited. Quick parts that form has been adopted, bathtub chassis of TRF 211XM. The company staff, “while the weight of a conventional aluminum model was 223g, this quick form material model is 120g and about half. Machine lighter, the radio control car that runs. Off-road that contributed to speed up is, flexibility and high rigidity is required. In the bending strength and bending modulus of elasticity is also high this material, I was talking with supposed RC Tamiya becomes even faster. ” This quick form, “plans to also advance Some of realistic car” that (same). I was talking to as a “collision energy absorption and the front and side, the reinforcement of ABC pillar, bumper beam, is set to such an assumption applications engine under cover.”