5 thoughts on “Colour sneak preview from Tamiya 58628 1/10 RC Racing Fighter Buggy DT-03

  1. Dorvack

    That is awful, really awful.

    The proportions look completely off and those stickers are just terrible… And what the heck is the wing doing below the cab line?

    It’s only my opinion of course, but I’m kind of shocked at how bad this thing looks…

  2. mp3rat0r

    It reminds me of the Hotshot (my first Tamiya). I like the more aggressive look with the cab way back.

  3. HornetRacer 1971

    That is brilliant, really brilliant!

    The proportions are spot on and those stickers look fantastic! And at last, Tamiya has finally put the cab line above the wing after all these years campaigning!

    I am pleasantly surprised how great it looks!

  4. tshotracer74

    I agree with HornetRacer1971

    Tamiya are getting back to their best with this excellent combo of colours, wheels and design

    Oh how much better a buggy drives and looks with a low wing!

  5. Dorvack

    I feel that, having seen this buggy in the flesh today, I should amend my opinion.

    The pictures of the car on this and other sites are awful, really awful and don’t do the buggy justice.

    In the flesh the Racing Fighter is… okay, I guess, but it still looks a little out of proportion. The cab is very high but this was probably designed to allow the placement of a chunky ESC.

    I still think the stickers are rubbish and the use of mini body pins at the rear would probably infuriate me in use.

    My comments might not be positive enough for the Tamiya Creepy-Crawlies, but they are still just my opinion.

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