Tamiya 63626 – Addictive! Mini 4WD LIFE booklet

Four wheel drive mini selfish boys were hot in the chest, and now, it is a book that approaches to appeal to be loved beyond the generation of mini four wheel drive that became everyone’s hobby. Size 21 × 29.8cm, all 80 pages.

★ Chapter 1 – First, let know the mini four wheel drive! – I can do that far at 1,000 yen recommend, month of the four wheel drive mini assembly? I hooked a month ichi tune mecha!Addictive mini four wheel drive mechanism BASIC · ran to learn in parent and child! Four wheel drive mini ENJOY spot guide mini four wheel drive station store introduction mini four wheel drive dramatic before-after! History to me hooked!Four wheel drive mini Chronicle 1982-2015 designer Nezu Kota’s interview column current trend vehicle ish machine?

★ Addictive mini four wheel drive family to enjoy in Chapter 2, and family! Parent-child holiday Spend a mini four wheel drive! Race is a small part of the charm! More fun four wheel drive mini life!And family you are hooked! JC2015 family racer SNAP

★ To TRY to four wheel drive mini-official race as Chapter 3, hobby! -Family challenge! Tips four wheel drive mini Q & A · box art large set that you want to hold it if the results up hint racer! · Hooked to dress up. Brackets is also a respectable specs. Column I tried to own the four wheel drive mini course!

★ Hooked to enjoy, explore the Holy Land of Chapter 4, adult mini four wheel drive! · Bar me addictive! It hooked into adult four wheel drive mini spot explore, shoot! It takes beautiful car! · Lunch also addictive! Four wheel drive mini official (?) Let’s make your lunch! – Refreshing & micelles addictive journey of the four wheel drive mini storage surgery-car! It hooked into adult mini four-wheel drive expedition Symbol – 1/1! Addictive mini four wheel drive vehicle of project development report · GOODS! Latest Goods catalog