Announcement of Tamiya Fair 2015 at Twin Messe Shizuoka

tamiya fair 2015 banner

★ Dates
November 21 ( Sat ) 9:00 to 17:00
November 22 ( Sun ) 9: 00 ~ 16: 00
★ Venue
Twin Messe Shizuoka (Shizuoka Suruga-ku)

Hobby of the festival, held this year!
Tamiya Fair that was fixed completely as autumn hobby event of Shizuoka. Last year, we had come to also 26,000 customers. Also this year to become the 17th, including the exhibition of new products of interest, various events that you are able to experience playing to participate in our customers, further sales and limited commodity that can not buy only at the venue, a corner such as bargain of sale deployment to you. Tamiya hobby of festival, is held this year! ⇒ last year of Tamiya Fair 2014 held report here. Also you can watch videos!

Tamiya of new product announcements, exhibition (North Building)
scale model to be released from this fall and early next year, RC models, will be exhibited in one fell swoop the Tamiya new products, such as mini four wheel drive. Spectacular lot, please see.

World championship of electric RC car! (North Building)
in addition to Japan 15 tournament, nine countries and regions of Asia, from the United States and Canada, representative players gathering that has Kachinui the qualifying tournament of each area, Tamiya electric RC world finals of the car is done. Expand the ultra-close combat to compete 0.001 seconds. Speedy race will hold sweat in hand just looking powerful. You can not help but send a cheer. Big race at large special circuit is a must see!

Mini four wheel drive station Championship 2015 (21 days), four wheel drive mini World Challenge 2015 (22 2009) held !! (South Building)
21 (Sat) is elected by four wheel drive mini station of more than 400 outlets across the country the racers compete for Japan will be held “mini four wheel drive station Championship 2015”! (3 using the lane type)
22 (Sun) to have gathered from all over the world overseas representative racer and domestic top racer about 100 people fight the “World Challenge 2015” held! Do not miss!
Others, free practice, etc. using the Japan Cup official course will also be conducted.

1/1 mini four wheel drive vehicle projects Aero Avante exhibition (South Building)
four wheel drive mini “Aero Avante” and finally finished the big project of the dream of the actual vehicle. In Shizuoka is the first exhibition. Please use all means close the force of style! ⇒1 / 1 mini four wheel drive vehicle projects special site

Let’s enjoy in parent and child. Latest RC buggy machine assembly classroom !!
Tamiya Fair 2015 tours and traveling in Tamiya circuit such as, weekend hobby Zammai! “Tamiya RC tour with TRF” held
TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) spend with the staff, we have organized a “Tamiya RC tour with TRF” hobby Zammai. Including RC dune buggy assembly classroom, RC running at Tamiya circuit, you can enjoy such as Tamiya Fair grounds and the Tamiya headquarters tour. In addition, the world champion, “Naoto Matsukura” out of this time team members, the All Japan Champion “Sobue Asahi-sei (Sobue Akio) players” special lecturer. Please join us in the parent and child. ⇒ For more details, please see here.

RC tank Owner’s meeting held !! ( the 21st -South Building)
action of unique tanks of course, reproduce the ultimate realism attractive Tiger Ⅰ and Sherman, KV-1, such as a radio control tank is active until the sound and light. In November 21 (Sat) twin Messe South Building, RC tank owner’s meeting will be held. Tension match and battle of which is carried out in a one-to-one, will take place team tournament that combination is the key to victory. Tank fans, please come by all means. ⇒ Please see here details of the tournament.

Shizuoka Plastic Model Club Joint Exhibition (North Building)
Plastic success for which will be held again this year a joint exhibition with a focus on club in production in Japan in Shizuoka Prefecture. Airplanes, tanks, and gathered work with a focus on scale models such as an automobile is several hundred points or more.

Tamiya product sales Corner (North Building / South Building)
have stocks, etc. to Everyone Tamiya products and original goods of sale now! Tamiya Fair Limited can not get only at the venue items also available, please to souvenir! !

Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters corner (South Building)
familiar Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters etc. also Shizuoka Hobby Show will participate again this year. On the day, a chance to see familiar the real Self-Defense Forces vehicle! And, please try to talk with those of self-defense officer on this occasion. You me politely answer friendly to the simple question.

Tamiya latest RC car “1 / 14RC Lightning Hawk” experience running meetings held (free) (South Building)
will be held the experience run meeting of Tamiya latest RC car. Affordable speed and cute body is characterized. Since the operation is also simple, also welcome women and children. As you become familiar with the machine control, it will be held also match race. The latest RC car of Tamiya, please by all means experience.

Suites decoration production experience corner (surcharge) (South Building)
has been growing in popularity among women now “Suites decoration”. Why do not you challenge the hobby to create a lifelike candy from materials such as clay. Girls, of course, participation of mom also welcome. Finished work you take home. ※ detailed information such as how to participate will be announced at a later date.

In addition to this, a lot of offers the experience corner !! at the venue
RC trailer passenger experience corner (free)
Let’s ride to 1/14 size RC trailer. We will conduct the trailer riding experience that targets elementary school students or less. Four wheel drive mini Workshop (surcharge) is made ​​on the spot, Let playing! ! At any time accepted! Circuit for running the completed machine also available. For assembly, staff will gently lecture.

Exhibitor List / cooperation organization (in no particular order)
UMA (moving model lovers Association) / Mazda Motor Corporation / Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. / Kondo science Ltd. / Sanwa electronics Co., Ltd. / Futaba Corporation / match mower racing, Inc. / Co., Ltd. Mizuho / Corporation Marthe Hasegawa work Tokoro / limited company Akutoten / limited company Fine Molds / SWEET (Suite) / limited company MM copy / Corporation Shimomura Alec / Corporation Shiokawa KomyoDo / Corporation central packaging / o potato Design Co., Ltd. / Tamiya plastic model factory Shimbashi shop / Tamiya Model Car Factory Tressa Yokohama / Corporation Hobby Japan / Co., Ltd. Dainippon painting / limited company model Art, Inc. / Shizuoka Prefecture Industrial Services Co. restaurant Suruga / Shizuoka Plastic Model Club joint exhibition / Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters / Foundation Shizuoka Convention and Visitors Bureau / Lau pen model