3 thoughts on “Chassis photo of Tamiya 58618 Monster Beetle 2015

  1. Scott

    Same crappy Frog chassis. I hope it doesn’t still use the dog bone axles. I always liked the look of this vehicle, but the chassis is just the worst.

  2. James

    At last!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Its been a long time coming. It will take me back to my childhood. Good news, universal joints replace those dodgy 3 part drive shafts. Its much improved. I cant wait & am putting my order in now.
    Thank you Tamiya… Now What about re-releasing the porche 959 and Toyota celica grb… Please release these legends too…

  3. Dan

    At least it looks better than the lb/mp chassis (no more funky front arms, cva shocks instead of friction shocks).

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