Tamiya 63612 Colo Aniki No. 3

Item No: 63612 July 15, 2015 (water) Release 690 yen (base price of 639 yen)
A5 size 552 issue Page: Shogakukan [large adult Colo comic! Colo Aniki No. 3] In addition to the cartoon “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return racer’s” newly written by the strainer was Tetsuhiro teacher, latest drawn by the up-and-coming manga artist Hiroyuki Takei teacher “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro” posted a. In addition to the introduction of the four wheel drive mini new product information and remodeling machine at spread color article in the preface, luxury appendix “Dash No. 1 Emperor (Emperor) Sunrise Orange clear body” is included. It is a book essential to all of the four wheel drive mini fan.




※ Installation example / chassis is not included. ※ Super II chassis / VS chassis to the wearable.

Cartoon published title
★ “Hyper Dash! Yonkuro”
Shinsei Looming in dash corps … and dash corps !! of darkness
soul inherited! Hiroyuki Takei of “Shaman King”, heat brush fully open !!
★ “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! return racer’s”
Australia and in front of the yul of boyhood, new character crusher Giraud appeared! of the most evil
I will destroy the opponent The formidable machine “Beak · G · Spider”!?
★ “Colo era Nitsu star driving dynamics Institute Guide”
in the corner to draw the memories of every guest Colo era (= elementary school age), the first appearance is a member of TMFL !!
The figure spree Yarakashi unlimited you want to do a must-see !!
★ “sweet’ll! man Shingo”
★ “Dorabesu Doraemon super baseball Gaiden professional baseball Guide”
★ “Duel Masters Z”
★ “Colo launched legend”
★ “Den Ji~yara to Lehman evil ”
★ “Y of the ark”
★ “‘m Kokeshi! Honma kun”
★ “hand bra jump courage”
★ “Kattobase! Kiyohara kun”
★ “Future Card Buddyfight Dark game Iden”
★ “Duel Masters Overlord den apt! ”
★ “young people -” that does not work – Elemental’s [app 15 large serial code Appendix] ★ Puzzle & Dragons: friendship point 2000 ★ Samonzubodo: Suite Yellow Hawk 4 body ★ Divine Gate: King Gold Egg three bodies ★ Kerihime Suites: three Challenge ticket ★ comic one: 10 Life (iOS version) or 25 minutes (Android version) ★ Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! four wheel drive mini World runner: beak Spider ★ monster Strike: Chance ball ★ Terabatoru: friendship ticket × 2 · EXP up × 2 · COIN up × 2 ★ Commentary Powerful Pro Baseball: Gedo-kun image (silver) ★ swords and magic of logless ancient goddess: supreme evolution Sword breaks ★ MapleStory pocket: 300 candy ★ Poi~tsu and Hero: SR evolution material (5 profession set) ★ Nobunaga’s Ambition 201X: Aniki limited collaboration weapon “Aniki custom” (machine gun for shooting hand) ★ round dungeon Nobu Nha is: “before Nha Keiji” (rarity ” treasure “) ★ King of Pro Wrestling:! Aniki limited collaboration card “‘m Kokeshi Homma-kun” [Aniki limited five major card Appendix] . ★ Duel Masters “Lost Soul” Zakira Ver !! ★ Buddy Fight ” Death ruler Daredevil “new capacity” depth charges “with !! ★ Pazudora TCG “St. sea god Isis” Horo Ver. !! ★ U~ikurosu “led to people Tau~iru = feeler” “open-minded keys of the main Umuru = feeler” ★ Usa-kun draw grated Shi ultra powerful double card !!

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