Manufacture experience of prototype 1/24-scale model Toyoda AA type held at Tamiya plastic model meeting in Toyota Automobile Museum

Tamiya will release a 1/24 scale model “Toyoda AA-type” of Toyota’s first mass-produced passenger car, which was announced in 1936, “Toyoda AA-type” in around June 27. Price is 3400 yen (excluding tax).

On June 9 that was before the launch of new products, Tamiya towards the media officials held a “Tamiya media meeting”, is Takehiro Mr. Unno of the company’s planning and development part 2 Division manager, field of product development of car models and, we were introduced, such as ways to use the latest technologies, such as 3D scanning.

“Toyoda AA-type”, Toyota’s first mass-produced passenger car, which was announced in 1936. Equipped with a series 6-cylinder 3.4-liter engine in the front, such as synchromesh mechanism with 3-speed transmission and hydraulic brakes, a model equipped with the advanced features of the time, 1404 units by 1942 was produced.

When the model of the “Toyoda AA-type”, already it is possible that there is no original model, it is that it has interviewed what Toyota has been restored in such as Toyota Automobile Museum was introduced.

With respect to coverage activity that takes place in the development of scale models, Umino said, “photos seen to shape from every angle, the easy photo that caused in the drawings, hundreds of sheets, nothing thousand sheets to shoot” and talk, and the addition “vehicle You can think of it or trying to split parts how to while taking a how you feel or not important. photo you can see, while writing a punch picture if you came back from the interview, mold and human allocation, things such as whether the development costs is how long it takes for The Iki you “and was revealed to think.

In coverage of this “Toyoda AA type”, but also utilizing the latest technologies such as 3D scanning, basically by taking a photograph of every part, it was shown that the developer is raised to the drawing .

Umino said, “(3D scanning device) originally, it has been introduced in order to make a doll, into play is applicable to those of irregular shape, such as a car hood, be finished to what a more feel it is possible to have become “, and introduce the use method of 3D scanning device.

With respect to the overall development of the anti said scale model, with respect to Umino Mr. important to see the actual vehicle is the person who is responsible for the “development. (Workmanship is asked) deformation, Some people do it to strengthen the stomach also almost done not people This object, it is where the personality of the person in charge comes out. For the model of the car, because the audience that Nasaru emphasizes that “it looks ish” as the model is large, it was revealed relatively deformed is easy. ”

In the future, the Tamiya to match the launch of the “Toyoda AA type”, in Toyota Museum June 14, held a “Tamiya plastic model meeting in Toyota Automobile Museum”. Tamiya is to exhibit the modeled Toyota vehicles “plastic model, seen in RC car Toyota’s finest cars Exhibition”, “Toyoda AA type” the talk show theme was invited experts to the “origin of the Toyota Motor Corporation to revive in the plastic model” Toyoda AA type ” “, we can prototype of production experience of the” 1/24 Toyoda AA type “,” test shot production experience meeting “is performed.

In addition, in be held in Tokyo Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro on July 23 to 28, “Tamiya Modeler Gallery 2015”, “from the past to the future,” the theme to “Toyoda AA-type” and fuel cell vehicles “MIRAI (future).” also conducted special exhibition arranging of the actual vehicle.