54th Shizuoka Hobby Show official Tamiya Tools & Paints list and descriptions

Tapered thin blade Nipper (gate cut)

tools that are essential to the plastic model production, a new type of thin blade nippers appeared. In addition thinner finish shape features a tip. Narrow between the component and the runners, and demonstrate the power to cut out of small parts. Can be cut with a light force, it does not damage the parts. ★ Craft Tool Series No. 123
SHARP pointed SIDE CUTTER for PLASTIC (SLIM JAW) (seventy-four thousand one hundred twenty-three)
★ total length 115mm. Black grip portion of the collar is, Slip well fit special sol coating finish in hand.

1 included input number 36
2,900 yen
(excluding tax)

Craft shears (for plastic / soft metal) Craft scissors (plastic / for soft metal)

and started Prabang to frequently used in model work, soft metal such as aluminum or brass, paper, leather, until the rubber, you can cut a variety of materials. Has achieved a sharp edge is subjected to a special blade with processed into high-quality stainless steel. ★ Craft Tool Series No.124
★ total length 170mm. ★ by employing an easy-grip and large rivets that have, you can use it with confidence in consuming power cutting operation.
July 18 around released
July 15 shipping
included 1 incoming number 36
1,800 yen
(excluding tax)

Tamiya modeling brush PROII fine point brushes (superfine / superfine / fine / small)

is “Korinsuki Sevres” is known as a luxury wool luxury fine point brushes with (a type of weasel). And finished with a high degree of accuracy by the domestic skilled artisans, unity of goodness of pike, reasonable Kosi, the merit of including the paint, such as the grip of easy to hold NakaFutoshi type, it has been pursuing the workability required for delicate paint. 1/35 and 1/48 of military figures, it is best to paint the details such as airplane cockpit. ★ makeup material Series No.172 ~ 175
TAMIYA MODELING BRUSH PRO II pointed BRUSHULTRA FINE (87 172) / EXTRA FINE (eighty-seven thousand one hundred seventy-three) / FINE (eighty-seven thousand one hundred seventy-four) / SMALL (87 175)
★ grip high-quality pearl white paint finish. ★ Plastic, of course, also in the delicate paint work, such as historical figures. ★ also it will deliver excellent performance as a general for the painting.
May 30 around released
May 26 dispatch
1 included input number of each 72
(ultrafine) 1,200 yen
(excluding tax)
(superfine) 1,200 yen
(excluding tax)
(fine) 1,300 yen
(excluding tax)
(small) 1,400 yen
(excluding tax)

Masking Tape (2mm / 3mm / 5mm) for curves

without wrinkling like masking tape general made ​​of paper, it is masking tape which can be affixed to the smooth and clean curves. It is available in three types of 2,3,5mm. If you divide coating a gentle curve using a hard 5mm, according the curve. More Earl of tight in part 2mm width, trick is used properly and 3mm width. Starting with plastic model, such as RC and mini four wheel drive, it can be useful in various painted work. ★ makeup material Series No.177 ~ 179
MASKING TAPE for CURVES 2 mm (87 177) / 3 mm (87 178) / 5 mm (eighty-seven thousand one hundred seventy-nine)
★ flexible plastic made ​​of masking tape. ★ Any color is white. Without peeling off the undercoat, we have brought sufficient adhesive strength. ★ length of the tape of the room with three types 20m.
May 30 around released
May 26 ships

each 460 yen
(excluding tax)