Tamiya Let’s go to the hobby shop! Campaign 2015 (Japan only)

★ March 14 from (Saturday) Start ★ be held in such nationwide model dealer “Let’s go to the hobby shop! campaign 2015”. When you apply it to collect the points of speed lottery that get one in every 1,000 yen Tamiya product, ultra-premium Tamiya goods that was well-known brands and collaboration will hit in the lottery!


most ancient as fiber processing manufacturer in existence, during wartime to manufacture the trunk case for transporting the goods of the Imperial Japanese Army. And sturdiness that has been backed by the tradition, simple proven luxury suitcase of HOKUTAN in design. The two companies that stick to making things is was realized by sympathy, in limited to 15 people a TAMIYA collaboration model.


original parka
born in Harajuku in 1976 as a pioneer in the select shop. Then, also popular as the original brand of apparel and accessories, current continues to affect also to the various culture not only fashion and BEAMS. This time, the original parka of authentic design of Amekajiteisuto that me made ​​for Tamiya to 50 people.


snow peak × TAMIYA Garden chair
Niigata Prefecture Sanjo departure, popular outdoor brand snowpeak in the world. Innovative product development and craftsmanship I have attracted the attention of outdoor fans in shiny high-quality products. Comfortable well also, a special specification model that contains the logo of both companies W name to a popular garden chair in 50 people in making a firm.


CROSS × TAMIYA Jotta (Notepad) and pen
writing instruments America boasts the oldest brand CROSS. Since 1846 of its inception, has been rolled out innovative products in design and functionality. Jotta you were using the finest nappa leather this time (note holder) and accessories pen set of, the special specification to 100 people who engraved Tamiyarogo to each.

★ How to apply
In a semi-ticket lottery that get in the shop to turn off the “application ticket”, please apply by collecting the application number necessary to hope prizes.

[1] to apply a dedicated application postcard

★ Turn off the “dedicated application postcard” in the campaign participation shop, please use. Paste the “application ticket” of the required number in your application, all the necessary information, please fill out. It becomes invalid if there is an omission. ★ Please paste your sure the 52 yen stamp on postcard.


[2] The applicants in the postcard

★ Download the dedicated application form (PDF file), please use to print on the printer. Turn off the printed paper in the printer, please use put to postcard.
Or fill in the required items below, please paste your application ticket of the required points worth. [Requirements] ★ Address (Postal Code) ★ Name (phonetic) ★ age ★

★Telephone number
The (one) prize to apply ※ The size Those who wish BEAMS original parka also fill out please. ★ Is either this time, retailers name you purchased a Tamiya product? ★ What did you know this campaign? (Example: over-the-counter posters, website, such as magazine advertising) [destination] Yubinbango422-8610 Shizuoka Suruga-ku Ondabara 3-7 Tamiya Sales Section “Hobby Shop 2015” coefficient [deadline] May 15, 2015 (Friday) the day postmarked [prize dispatch] ★ on the lottery, the winner will ship the prize in mid-June. ★ I will return to the winning announcement concluded shipping of prizes.