Future Tamiya releases to be presented at 54th Japan Model Hobby Show

42285 TRF 419

Vehicle that has been developed aimed at four consecutive tournament will be held in the United States Florida in 2014 in the IFMAR 1/10 Electric Touring Car World Championship. Significant changes have been made ​​to the central parts that affect the traveling chassis layout, bulkhead, motor mount, damper and gear diff.

84394 FF-04 Evo Chassis Kit

New machine of its time, the fourth generation of FF chassis adopts the TRF418 suspension that was designed with the feedback and the proven gear box of the XV-01, the data that has been cultivated in the race scene as the front motor chassis, with almost all newly designed parts. In addition to the increased strength of the entire chassis, new part Carbon Lower Deck (2.5mm thick), Carbon Upper Deck and Aluminum Bulkhead was also utilized to optimize weight balance.

19942 Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Magnum 2014 (AR Chassis)

By Koshitatetsuhiro teacher “Bakuso Kyodai Let’s Go” and celebrating 20 years from the cartoon series started in 2014 this year, posted a new one-shot comic was decided by Shogakukan Colo special edition this fall. Stage of the story world of ’20 after Hoshi-ba Australian has become an adult. By the teacher design a machine that appeared in there “New Magnum” (tentative name). Modern new element air intake of large opening that extends to the front bottom, and small front wing. AR Chassis

4 thoughts on “Future Tamiya releases to be presented at 54th Japan Model Hobby Show

  1. GreatDane

    Can’t wait to see what Tamiya has hidden up there sleeves this time – besides the TRF419 and FF04, that is 😉

    And I believe the Hobby Show is now at the end of September and not mid October as in the previous years. This means Tamiya news sooner then before. Me like 😉

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. Zensor

    With the release of the FF-04, please re-mould some series of the Mk5 Golf GTI Cup body… Out of stock in all the good Asian shops which deliver in Europe! 🙁

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