Future Tamiya Mini 4WD releases to be presented at 54th Japan Model Hobby Show

19940 Cyclone Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19941 Hurricane Sonic Premium (AR Chassis)
95063 HG AR Chassis Carbon Front Wide Stay (2mm Gold)
95064 HG AR Chassis Carbon Rear Wide Stay (2mm Gold)
95065 HG 13/19mm Roller Carbon Multi-Reinforce Plate (2mm Blue)
95068 Mini 4WD Kumamon Ver. (Third Production)
95069 Heat Edge Green Special (MA Chassis)
95070 Mini 4WD Multi Tape (10mm Width Black)
95071 Super II Reinforced Chassis (White)
95072 HG Carbon Front Stay (1.5mm) Full Cowled Mini 4WD 20th Anniversary
95073 Mini 4WD Setting Gauge (Red)
95074 HG Light Weight 19mm All Aluminum Bearing Roller