Studio photos of the upcoming Tamiya releases

2 thoughts on “Studio photos of the upcoming Tamiya releases

  1. Raul P. Hernandez

    Above photo of British Firefly VC looks like a model from Tasca (I have two assembled models from Tasca) including the crew (exactly the same pose). Nevertheless its a very nice model. Same with Achilles. Cheers.

  2. Gamepuppy

    Happy happy, joy joy!!!

    Hooray, The Mountaineer! …Sooooo expensive but you’ve gotta have one if you collect Tamiya RC’s.

    Now we just need the 959 and Celica rally cars, the Blazing Blazer, the old school SRB Ford F150 and the Hotshot II and I’ll be as happy as a pig in muck!!!

    Go Tamiya!

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