The Tamiya 54519 CC-01 Stroke Extension Link – a very useful Hop Up

CC01_Extension_Link 011

The CC-01/XC is still one of the most popular Tamiya chassis of all time due to it´s very scale look. A lot of different body types were released since. The latest car is the beautiful Toyota FJ Cruiser. But due to it´s age, the chassis has some downsides. We happily noticed the release of the CC-01 Extension Link last year and a nice CC-01 Aluminum damper set. The new extension link kit helps to give the rear axle of the CC-01 a lot more travel while climbing over obstacles. We´ve installed the kit to our trusty tamiyablog Mercedes Unimog and tested it on rough terrain. The extension links itself are made of high quality black anodized aluminum with integrated ball bearings. Too make it short, it works so much better than the standard setup. The car benefits a lot. But see yourself. The tamiyablog team hope for more CC-01 Hop Ups in the future. Maybe a ballraced steering kit to reduce the play in the steering linkage ?

One thought on “The Tamiya 54519 CC-01 Stroke Extension Link – a very useful Hop Up

  1. will

    sigh…i really wish GPM or tamiya can come up with an updated steering, i really love the unimog.

    attached is a link on my unimog and i’ve done almost all the hop up parts available.

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