More future releases to be presented at Tamiya Fair 2013

32577 1/35 Soviet 1.5t Cargo Truck 1941
35366 1/35 Ford G.P.A.
37015 Horch Kfz 15

54554 OP1554 Lock block Tire & 2 piece 5-spoke wheels (CC-01)
54555 OP1555 TT-02 FRP battery plate and transponder Stay Set
54556 OP1556 TT-02B FRP front Damper Stay Set
54557 OP1557 TT-02B FRP Rear Damper Stay Set
54559 OP1559 TT-02 Low Friction Suspension Ball (4pcs.)
54571 OP1571 TT-02 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink)
54574 OP1574 TT-02 Aluminum Racing Steering Set
54575 OP1575 TT-02 Aluminum steering bridge

Mini 4WD
15472 GP472 FRP front Wide Stay (for Fully Cowled Mini 4WD)
15473 GP473 Aluminium Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm)
15474 GP474 Mini 4WD Catcher (Mini 4WD)
18080 Bear Hawks RS (Super II Chassis)
18081 Daihatsu Copen RMZ (VS Chassis)
18082 Daihatsu Copen XMZ (Super II Chassis)
18637 Festa Jaunes (MA Chassis)
19438 Ray Stinger Premium (Super II Chassis)
95003 Boomerang RS Black Special (VS Chassis)
95004 HG AR Chassis Carbon Front Wide stay (2mm/Blue Lame)
95005 HG AR Chassis Carbon Rear Wide stay (2mm/Blue Lame)
95007 HG Carbon Multi Reinforced Plate for 13/19mm Roller (2mm/Blue Lame)
95013 Mantaray Mk.II Clear Body Set II (Mini 4WD Limited)
95014 Neo Falcon Clear Body Set II (Mini 4WD Limited) (Mini 4WD)

74117 Tweezers to bend (for Etching Parts)
87153 HG Precision Brush Ultra-Super Slight
87154 HG Precision Brush Super Slight
87155 HG Precision Brush Slight
87156 HG Precision Brush Small
87157 HG Precision Brush Super Small
87158 HG Precision Brush Small
87159 HG Precision Brush Middle

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