Tokyo Hobby Show 2013 announced new product list – Egress re-release!!!

R / C Models
★ TRF418 [tentative]
★ 58583 1/10 RC Egress 4WD [tentative]
As evolution of great car Avante, and dominated the topic of high-end off-road scene at the time!
Racing buggy user long-awaited “Egress 4WD” is reprinted finally! !
★ Motor shaft vertically crossed the flow of the finest cars Avante appeared in 1989 “Egress 4WD” adopted drive 4WD. Carbon double deck chassis, which is long wheel base of the foot and around, became a resin large capacity high cap aluminum damper, equipped with cent over torque splitter differential to the drive system, and as Avante development team at the time in JMRCA All Japan Championship, which was held the same year was formed, such as winning four of the (Tamiya Racing Factory) TRF just, showing off the high ability directly below.
★ Said to have been the pinnacle of racing 4WD Buggy Tamiya starting from Avante “Egress 4WD” will finally resurrection. Long wheelbase carbon chassis to lower deck based on the Avante as well as at the time low center of gravity by mounting the servo. Upper adopting the carbon plate trying to cut out all, Roadekki, the center hybrid studded tires, high-capacity torque splitter def, in light weight wheel was also equipped with high cap damper, it is the model that Avante has evolved ultimate exactly.
The hit to the re-appearance of the time, I was equipped with the new ball differential, a universal joint.

★ RC Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (TT-02/XB)
★ 1/35RC Ground Self-Defense Force 10 Tank (2.4GHz Transmitter with) [tentative]
★ TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit
★ TB-04 PRO titanium screw set
★ TB-04 Front One-Way (40T) set
★ TB-04 Aluminum Ball Differential (40T) set
★ TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
★ TB-04 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
★ TB-04 Aluminum Steering Bridge [tentative]
★ TB-04 Aluminum Racing Steering Set [tentative]
★ TB-04 aluminum motor adapter
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for cross shaft [tentative]
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for steel bevel gear set [tentative]
★ TB-04 Giyadefu for aluminum cup + Y joint parts [tentative]
★ DB01 RR chassis kit
★ DB01 RR Lower Deck
★ DF-03 MS
★ RC GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (XV-01)
★ XV01 for B parts (bumper molded article) [tentative]
★ rally car cockpit set
★ trailer truck torque Tuned Motor (33T)
★ trailer truck aluminum shift servo mount
★ trailer truck Rumi steering servo mount and high torque servo saver set
★ WR-02 chassis Radio with complete chassis set
★ CC-01 aluminum oil damper (four)
★ stroke extension link (CC-01)
★ RC Zakspeed Capri Gr.5 Würth (TT-02/XB)
★ RC GAZOO Racing TRD 86 (TT-02/XB)
★ RC La Ferrari (TB-04/TT-02/XB) [tentative]
★ XB Ferrari F2012 [tentative]
★ RC GoPro Monster Sport Super Swift (M-05/XB)
★ M05 Aluminum Rear Suspension Mount (1 °)
★ M05 aluminum counterweight
★ M05 setting Suspension Arm Set (F Upper)
★ M chassis carbon body mount member
★ Body reamer (cap) [tentative]
★ TA06 Carbon Damper Stay Front (Short) [tentative]
★ TA06 Carbon Damper Stay Rear (Short) [tentative]
★ TA06 Giyadefu Aluminum cup joint + Y parts [tentative]
★ TA06 lightweight front direct-coupled [tentative]
★ 04 hard coat pinion gear 31T ~ 39T
★ FF-03 Aluminum Front Upper Arm Mount
Scale Models
★ 1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo [tentative]
★ 1/24 La Ferrari
★ 1/35 U.S. M151A2 “Grenada Invasion”
★ 1/35 U.S. M151A1 “Vietnam War”
★ 1/35 British Army Airborne soldiers bicycle set
★ 1/35 British LRDG Command Car North African Campaign (doll body with 7)
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A1 Tank
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A2 Tank
★ 1/35 U.S. Army M60A3 Tank
★ 1/48 Soviet armored car BA-64B
★ 1/48 mini tank M60 Patton super Running [finished product]
★ 1/48 M60A1E1 Victor mini tank to run [finished product]
★ 1/48 mini tank Type 74 tanks to run [finished product]
★ 1/48 mini tank canon Running [finished product]
★ 1/72 thirty-two type fighter zero battleship on a  Mitsubishi
★ 1/18 McLaren M8A 1968
★ 1/20 McLaren M23 1976
★ 1/20 McLaren Mercedes MP4-13
★ 1/20 McLaren MP4/5B Honda
★ 1/20 McLaren Honda MP4 / 4
★ 1/12 McLaren MP4 / 6 Honda
★ 1/12 Honda NSR500’84 No.3T/No.1 [finished product]
★ 1/20 Honda RA272 # 12 / # 11 [finished product]
Mini 4wd & For Kids
★ Mini 4WD Heat edge (MA chassis)
★ Mini 4WD shadow shark (AR chassis)
★ Aero Manta Ray White Special (AR chassis)
★ Nissan Be-1
★ Jolly Joker Premium (AR chassis)
★ Sunny shuttle premium (AR chassis)
★ Maddoburu Jr.
★ Dyna Hawk GX Black Special (Super XX Chassis)
★ (with four wheel drive mini kit) Oval Home Circuit
★ lightweight aluminum two-stage roller set (13-12mm) (Blue)
★ lightweight aluminum two-stage roller set (13-12mm) (Red)
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (Orange) [tentative]
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (Red) [tentative]
★ 19mm Puraringu with aluminum roller bearing (5-spoke) (light blue) [tentative]
★ mass damper set (cylinder four Black)
★ mass damper set (bowl four Black)
★ Werder moth Spare Body (carbon pattern) [tentative]
★ AR fluorescence color chassis (green) [tentative]
★ oil pen four wheel drive mini
★ Mini 4WD maintenance mat (180 × 280mm)
★ side body catch attachment [tentative]
★ front wide slide damper
★ Wide rear slide damper
★ HG slide damper grease set
★ arm crawler tool set (check the video on ⇒ YouTube!)
★ Cross Universal Arm Set
Tool & Paints
★ finish coatings for [tentative]
★ precision pin vise D-R (0.1 ~ 3.2mm)
★ precision drill-4 seed 0.2 ~ 0.5mm (shaft diameter 1.0mm)
★ SPARMAX – made air brush [tentative]
★ HG Compressor Revo II Blue (HG Airbrush III with)
★ flame coating material for primer spray [tentative]
★ Modelers knife (light blue)
★ master of topping “lam source” all 10 colors

Please note that all information is tentative until officially confirmed from Tamiya, INC. and no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.

17 thoughts on “Tokyo Hobby Show 2013 announced new product list – Egress re-release!!!

  1. Ken

    So by now are the major iconic buggies of 80s/90s all re-released already?

    And love to see the La Ferrari

  2. GreatDane

    Many great news from the big T yet again.

    LaFerrari is a great looking car. Can’t wait to see Tamiyas interpretaion of this sophisticated car.

    Didn’t Tamiya re releases the 1/18 McLaren not so long ago?

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  3. Noor

    Tamiya got some nice things coming out. I like that new LaFerrari, the Egress, and the CC01 parts among allot of other things.

  4. jfive

    WOW! the long awaited rere Egress!

    well done Mr Tamiya!

    and please do the Grb, 959, Blazin Blazer next 😀

  5. Jorge

    Egress is great news. This is the final re-re I was waiting for. Seeing the Fox available again is wonderful but it’s the models I couldn’t have (when I was young) that I want the most today. Super Shot, Avante, Bruiser, and now the Egress. Might have to buy two of these.
    Thanks Tamiya!

  6. Gamepuppy

    Very nice to see the Egress make it’s return but I hope it’s not going to be as expensive a purchase as the re-re Avante was!?!

    Any chance of seeing the 959/Celica rally re-re’s anytime soon? …Simple confirmation they’re going to re-re these two kits would be enough for now?

    Also, as other posters have already mentioned, the Super Champ, Big Wig, Blazin Blazer and/or for me the old-school SRB Ford 150 Truck would do in the mean time!!!

    GO GO Tamiya! …Hooray for TamiyaBlog

  7. Gamepuppy

    Whilst I’m at it, do you guys at TamiyaBlog know if Tamiya will ever get around to releasing their old promo vids on DVD?

    Do they even still have the original videos to do this or were the production of these video promo’s done by a different ‘media’ company and therefore lost to history?

    Same with the old RC brochures, any chance of seeing these again as limited reprints or even in a ‘cheaper to produce’ interactive PDF format??

    Sorry if this seams a little off-topic but I’ve asked you guys this question twice before but for some strange reason you moderated out the post it was attached to

  8. Gamepuppy

    Anyone else think it’s rather funny Ferrari should call their new car ‘La Ferrari’, meaning it’s official designated name is:
    La Ferrari ‘La Ferrari’ in Italian or…
    The Ferrari ‘The Ferrari’ in English !?!


  9. admin Post author

    About LaFerrari’s name you can find quite some articles on WWW, about the rest only Tamiya headquarters knows, I personally think that the chances of re-releasing old brochures or videos are low, but Tamiya has shown us that nothing is impossible.
    Best regards,

  10. Mr_Screwloose

    Each Re-release is the moment when some wonder if it will be the last one. Egress could be a good candidate for a big final. But Now I think that they’ll re-release some models as long as they encounter a sufficient amount of sales. So we could have some re-release of…re-releases as some more recent models to be re-made.
    We can reasonably expect an Astute, Madcap, BigWig, SuperSabre or 959, but also, another batch of Thundershot, Dynastorm, or Lancia 037 or even Tamtech, who knows. Anyway, Re-release are not a simple gift for us, collectors, it surely is a good business for Tamiya.


    ..and the last one in the Avante stable was the Avante 2001. This is the major re-release for me anyway.

    This is the best looking car in the Avante stable, but of course an Egress is great news.

    As to cost -well here in Central London, there is only 2 outlets , and both will retail at £800 kit price.

    Please re re the AVANTE 2001 -the final piece in the Avante collection!


    The Egress motor will be what a lot of people will be looking at:
    Dynatech O1R 22,000 RPM 7.2V
    Was the original Spec, so something to match and better it would be anticipated.
    The (in my opinion) worst thing they can do is include a motor like a GT Tuned with special sticker.
    This worked great on the Avante Releases as the GT Tuned and Technigold both did 19,000RPM on 7.2v, so that worked out great.

    However The Egress was the King of 4wd Buggies, and had a more powerful Dynatech recommended. The only real choice is BZ/RZ/TZ Superstock motors on
    26,500-27,500 RPM respectively.

    The FET Electronic speedo and a BZ Superstock, with a special sticker would be brilliant!

    (Unless, of course, they Re re the Dynatech 01R!)


    It looks as ones prayers have been answered the BZ superstock with FET are as pictured!!

    This is one car to get! Quite simply, with this set-up it is from the classic 101 models (76-93) the mosr high performance racer.

    Egress is the superior car to the top force evolution, and with this motor and speedo has absolutely reasserted itself as the King off Roader

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