More photos from Tamiya Fair 2012

5 thoughts on “More photos from Tamiya Fair 2012

  1. Matt


    I don’t see the citroën DS3 from Sebastien LOEB. he is world champion on WRC for the 9th time.

    Why don’t you do this car. Fan need it.


  2. Crypton

    Is it true that i see a Body mold for Toyota 85C Pan car 1/10 scale?
    I would love if Tamiya released a new Pan car Group C.

  3. Magnus

    Yes i know about the 1:12 models. but if you look close at the the mold, it is not the toms 84c it is a 85c.
    and to me it looks 1:10 scale.
    What do you think?

  4. admin Post author

    Yes, can be 85c, but I personally doubt they would make it 1/10, maybe the photo view angle makes it look that way.

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