More photos from Tamiya Fair 2012

5 thoughts on “More photos from Tamiya Fair 2012

  1. Matt


    I don’t see the citro├źn DS3 from Sebastien LOEB. he is world champion on WRC for the 9th time.

    Why don’t you do this car. Fan need it.


  2. Crypton

    Is it true that i see a Body mold for Toyota 85C Pan car 1/10 scale?
    I would love if Tamiya released a new Pan car Group C.

  3. Magnus

    Yes i know about the 1:12 models. but if you look close at the the mold, it is not the toms 84c it is a 85c.
    and to me it looks 1:10 scale.
    What do you think?

  4. admin Post author

    Yes, can be 85c, but I personally doubt they would make it 1/10, maybe the photo view angle makes it look that way.

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