First sneak peek at future Tamiya RC releases to be presented at Tamiya Fair 2012

56035 1/16 RC Russian Heavy Tank JS-2 – Full Option Kit 1944 ChKZ

58556 1/10 RC Tractor Wheelie – WR02

58558 1/10 RC XV-01 PRO Touring Car – XV-01TC

58559 1/10 RC Ferrari F2012 – F104

84431 1/10 RC The Grasshopper Kit – Candy Green Edition

4 thoughts on “First sneak peek at future Tamiya RC releases to be presented at Tamiya Fair 2012

  1. Mr Screwloose

    Some cool cars : the tractor is a real novelty, something we’ve never seen before, except as a toy from various brands.
    The Xv01 Touring is really sexy, even if I don’t really know what place it holds between a TB03, TA 06 and a TT01.
    Maybe too many chassis at Tamiya?

    The Ferrari is the ugliest f1 ever, but when scale reduced is quite nice with a lot of details.

    The Grasshopper is…green, but remains a true legend

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, the tractor is something really different and creative and shows that Tamiya hasn’t lost its creativity as some claim.

    The XV-01TC might give a less fast but more fun and realistic handling, also in the RC drifting scene front motor cars are strongly liked.

    Tamiyablog authors had long time before Tamiya candy lime green Grasshoppers , wheelie Unimogs and candy lime green Sand Rovers (no article, about 8 years ago) 😉 😀


  3. David

    Hi, I was wondering which 1/10 r car Tamiya will re release in 2013? I would love to see the Porshe 959 or even the Bigwig. Thanks.

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