7 thoughts on “Tamiya 58552 1/10 RC Asterion XV-01T

  1. Coligny

    That’s an abomination

    It look like they put a body at random on top of the chassis and decided to sell it this way…

    (but yeah, yeah, everybody is allowed to have his taste…)
    (usually as long as it is “liking”)

  2. Davis

    Hmmm, a short course truck body but nothing like a short course chassis. Who is the target market for this I wonder? Or maybe it’s just to see how well it sells before they go all out and develop a SCT chassis?

  3. ADR

    That’s not a short course truck body, that’s a stadium truck body, and I think it goes well with the chassis.

    I don’t mind the design and the chassis is capable, so for me it’s a win-win.

  4. Davis

    It it’s a stadium truck then the chassis looks even more of a mismatch. I assumed SC because it has the wheels tucked under the body

  5. Ty

    That is a 10th scale touring car platform with a 14th scale truck body. Why? When the original version of this chassis is based on performance and scale looks would Tamiya make something that looks like this? This isn’t a 5 year old child’s car, but for some reason it looks like one.

    The other issue is this car is not what you would call durable in its stock form with a car body that covers the tires. So now this version has bigger tires that stick out and no foam bumper? If you buy one better buy two, you will need the parts.

  6. zack

    the tao2 f-150 decals,a beautiful Novak 25.5 brushless system,scale hardpack track with low fast jumps… Put in its element this truck will impress..

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