Some more photos of future Tamiya RC car releases

58542 1/10 RC Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII – TT01E

58544 1/10 RC Nissan R390 GT1 – TT01E

58553 1/10 RC Fighter Buggy SV – DT02

3 thoughts on “Some more photos of future Tamiya RC car releases

  1. Mr. Screwloose

    This remixed version of the Sand Viper is a nice response to the growing trend of 2wd cars, especially low-cost rtr chinese ones.

    Now the question is : should Tamiya jump into the bandwagon of over-powered buggies with brushless combos rtr versions ?

    Maybe yes, since bashing is unfortunately the only thing interesting for newbies.

  2. admin Post author

    I hope not, as these “markets” are practically without profit as daily new cheap clone companies appear and go bankrupt too.

  3. DKnight1000

    I kinda want a DT-02 I was staying out due to false sense they where about to replace the DT-02 with a DT-03, based on the fact nobody seemed to have parts for the things.

    I’m a little surprised they made it a Lexan body too, aren’t most of the previous Fighter buggy Plastic?

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