30 Years Tamiya Mini 4WD Anniversary

“Four wheel drive mini” world’s smallest motor sports. Memorial Year of Release: 2012 30th anniversary, we will start planning a variety of memorial. 30th anniversary slogan is “Let’s do it again Get Back on the Track!!”. Adults also played once in four wheel drive mini, but also parent-child rice feelings, that we would like you to experience the “fun play to devise to make” mini 4WD, and children. Four wheel drive mini has evolved with the times that appeared in 1982, 30 years ago from the “Ford Ranger 4 × 4” is released the vehicle of at least about 420-total, record of more than 100 million sales. We have about 440 or more species also appeared grade up parts for the performance of the machine up. Experience as a hobby anyone can enjoy over the generations, we will continue to evolve further in the future.

3 thoughts on “30 Years Tamiya Mini 4WD Anniversary

  1. Cortex

    I bought the Terra Scorcher Jr. as my 1st Mini 4WD & my 1st product from Tamiya and became a little customer since then.

    I still remind the moment while the car assembling & last sticker applied on the body. I compared the finished with a box art, looks good on the tough dark green Type 5 chassis.

    Place the batt (used ^^), switch on, It’s worked! FUN!!

    For me, the Mini 4WDs are more than just toys. They’re my childhood memorandum. Feel good while snapping them, fell nice while looking them. And feel great to collecting them. ^v^ (But… when think about R/C budget… umm…)


  2. admin Post author

    Thank you for sharing those memories, yes, those Minis are like any Tamiya more then a toy, a quality model introducing children in the wonderful world of modeling.
    Best regards,

  3. Antoro

    Happy 30th Anniversary for Tamiya Mini 4WD.. We’re here in Indonesia also held a National Grandprix for Mini 4WD 100% Tamiya Original Class consisting of 9 GrandPrix Series and 5 preGrandprix Series which we held every month in Mini 4WD PlayGround in our Store in Jakarta.. Hopefully with this 30th Celebration will forming the racing spirit again here in Indonesia so we can join the WCGP in this Autumn…

    Go Mini 4WD Reborn!!



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