Tamiya 58527 1/10 RC The Hornet by Jun Watanabe (updated 17.02.2012)

Kit No. 58527, Japanese release date late March and list price 13800 Yen.
Color ring decorated with black polka dots on a white base can be finished easily with a large sticker.
The chassis employs a color molding of purple, pink design that combines black wheels and tires is characteristic. Moreover, it is also set black white wheels and tires for traveling.
The item that was stuck to the wheel nuts and upright design, adjusters, etc., to detail which is integrated in the spring of white or pink.
Adopt a high-impact design of the original image while also followed the package, emphasized the design.

14 thoughts on “Tamiya 58527 1/10 RC The Hornet by Jun Watanabe (updated 17.02.2012)

  1. WW-nut

    That is truely terrible.

    The only explanation must be they painted it during a power cut in a dark cave, whilst wearing a blindfold.

    It’s going to give me nightmares tonight!


  2. admin Post author

    That’s an attribute of art, its very personal and subjective, some people like it and some don’t.

  3. Simon

    I LOVE it. Its truely amazing that many RC companies have this great opertunity to work with great designers.
    Jun did the Keds Yokomo too.
    Tamiya hase really interesting stuff out now. NEW BALANCE shoes, a T-Shirt made by Burton and now this car. I think even Bape copied their two star logos once for a shirt.
    All I still miss is a Toy Story Buggy ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pink tires is sth that I want for my cars too

  4. philip

    have i missed something here! is this going into production or is it just an arty thing,i would’nt say its awful but its just not right!!! “might copy it on a bruiser when they come out!!”

  5. coligny

    sometimes you have to call a turd… a turd…

    There’s design… and there’s random splattering of patterns and colors…

    emperor new clothes all over again…

  6. Toxic

    Like philip asked, does anyone know if this is gonna be going into production? Or is it just a piece of art?

    Would love to see that design on a Bruiser, though. ^^

  7. Cortex

    The Hornet!? no, that the dalmatian bug. ^_^;

    Okay, seems the fashion on R/C cars is now in touch. And further might be Avante 2001 Itasha special with Moe graffiti… or something like that.

    I’m sure I can’t resist it. (as usual) XD

  8. admin Post author

    Not only from one seller, soon also its XB version will be normally available for sale.

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