Tamiya 58519 1/10 RC Toyota Bruiser RN36 re-release first photos and details

Tamiya really did it, it will come on the original chassis with some great improvements, tomorrow we will report from Nuremberg Fair with live photos.

58519 1/10 R/C Toyota 4×4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36)

Tamiya’s R/C Toyota Bruiser was originally released in 1985 and Tamiya has answered fans’ calls to give this popular pick-up truck model the special re-release treatment. The original layout of the chassis has been kept while modern improvements have been discretely incorporated.

About the Model

★This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.

★Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Cleaning Brush x1) which are for EXPORT ONLY and are subject to the FIRST PRODUCTION.

★ Bonus cleaning brush features 2 types of bristles and an ergonomic handle. (Brush will not be available for purchase as a separate item). The form of the Bruiser, including the sleeper cab, has been reproduced with a durable injection-molded body.

★ Metal ladder frame chassis keeps the original layout and features a black-finished surface.

★ Newly-designed die-cast transmission is equipped with planetary gears for optimized gear ratio.

★ Refined clutch mechanisms offer smooth gear changes and superb durability. 3 gears are possible (1st gear=4WD, 2nd & 3rd gears=Rear Wheel Drive).

★ Newly-designed front/rear axle housings are equipped with differential, which may be locked for even greater off-road performance.

★ Separately available LEDs can be installed in the light cases to depict realistic head and tail lights.

★ Type 540 motor included.

24 thoughts on “Tamiya 58519 1/10 RC Toyota Bruiser RN36 re-release first photos and details

  1. admin Post author

    Being a normal 58xxx model there should be one, or at least all body part sprues as 9-digit spares.

  2. GreatDane

    Finally, I thought that Tamiya would never re-release one of the original 3 speeder.

    And I am happy to learn that Tamiya have improved the diffs and the transmission (pre assembled? hope not!)

    I for one believed that the High Lift chassis was to fill in that gap.

    I am looking forward to see some pics of the chassis.

    Now the Tamiya commnunity only awaits the Hilux (I had one) and the Blazer 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)
    P.S any idea when you post pictures from the fair?

  3. admin Post author

    After the Highlift versions we also didn’t even dream of such a re-release, Tamiya now has showed who is still “first in quality around the world” and that they have the knowledge and power to create anything they want, my highest respect to them!

    If things go well first photos should be online around noon.


  4. Gamepuppy

    I – like you guys – never expected them to re-re the ‘Hog Heaven’ and I’m so glad they’ve gone for the original chassis arrangement and body set (I hope the sticker set doesn’t change too much from the original!?).
    This kit was way out of my league when I was growing up so to get a chance to grab one this time round is just peachy!!!
    …Now all they’ve got to do is to release the Supershot as the ‘Supershot’ and not the ‘Superdupa Hotshot’ and I’ll be as happy as Larry!

  5. Gamepuppy

    Just asking the question, didn’t the original kit come with a 750 motor and use a 4000ma battery for super-long runtimes?

  6. Slave to the Bruiser


    …and not the ‘Superdupa Hotshot’


    Yeah, they need to keep that name right.

  7. admin Post author

    Its the same for most of us, we all wanted it as kids but couldn’t afford.

    I very strongly doubt though they will re-release the Super Hotshot 2012 again just with different name, box, manaul and decals, why don’t you just a get a decal sheet from the old one?


  8. GreatDane

    @ Admin

    True! But what took them so long, do you think?

    I mean people have been crying out for Tamiya to re-release the Bruiser for a long, long time.

    But hell yeah, HIGHEST respect to the big T 😉

    Best Regards

    P.S you’ll know were to find me around noon tommorow 😉

  9. admin Post author

    Yes, the original had a big 750 motor as 540 sized motors had quite low torque back then and also to be able to carry the huge and heavy 4000 mAh pack with only 6V (and many ohmic losses at the mechanical speed control), now thanks to technology both are obsolete and you can get much better torque and variety with 540 sized motors and battery packs with the same capacity (and much higher current ability) are only a fraction in size and weight.

  10. admin Post author


    I would guess that many points contributed to it, one of them being they wanted to test first if expensive re-releases like SRB or AV would sell well and another being that if they had released it earlier some people wouldn’t have bought other, previous releases 😉

    Best regards,

  11. Brian

    Please try to get some shots of the chassis from underneath. We need to see the new transmission design, size and shape. Also a shot of the motor and how it mounts to the transmission/chassis would be great. I know the truck on display will be “hands off”, but you should be able to get some good underside shots if they won’t let you take the body off.

  12. GreatDane

    Reading the model description on Tamiya USA is seems that the Enzo is a kit:

    “This is an assembly kit version of Item 23205 1/12 Enzo Ferrari Semi-Assembled Premium Model.”

    But is it a true 1/12 Big Scale Series kit?

    We’ll have to wait and see the pictures from the fair and we’ll see. Can’t wait 🙂

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  13. ken

    regarding the bruiser, i have 2 questions:
    (1) what is the meaning of “RN36” as appeared in this re-re? it didn’t appear in the 58048 original or the mountaineer.
    (2) i checked the tamiya catalogues and rc guide books of around mid to late-80’s, during the kit life cycle of 58048, the name “bruiser” appeared on the kit box, but a few years later the word “bruiser” was deliberately erased from all the catalogues and rc guide books. was there any copyright problem with the word “bruiser” at that time?

  14. seventhskyline

    ‘RN36’ is the model code of the shortbed, petrol engine version of the first generation Hilux/Pickup 4×4.

  15. admin Post author

    Its a normal 58xxx kit so all parts should be available, of course most in form of 7 digit spare parts, price shouldn’t be excessive either.

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