Mazda Savanna RX-7 – Rotary Power For The M-06

The new Tamiya Mazda Savanna RX-7 (SA22) body for the Rear Wheel Drive M-06L  has now been out for a little while.

But to our surprise, we have seen very little feedback for this nice new body, especially on the big Tamiya Fan and Club sites, where not a single example of the new old RX-7 could be found.

The team of  Tamiyablog likes the first generation RX-7 a lot, so this body was the first choice for my M-06 Pro chassis kit which was waiting to be built for too long now.

Tamiya recommends the classic black Minilite style wheels for the RX-7 which  I think don’t suit the car so well.  So we chose the Tamiya wheels which were known from the Tamiya Honda S800 kit.

Combined with the black anodized wheel nuts to imitate the fullsize car’s black hubs, they give the car a very authentic look.

The body is painted in a classic light green metallic which was seen very often on the original Mazda RX-7 in the late 1970’s.

It’s good to have another long wheelbase body for the M-06 chassis in addition to the Tamiya classic Volkswagen Beetle.

Thank you very much for your interest and…

Enjoy Rotary Power!

8 thoughts on “Mazda Savanna RX-7 – Rotary Power For The M-06

  1. dunebuggy Post author


    The paint is from Parma.
    It´s FASKOLOR “Faspearl key lime” #40301

  2. dunebuggy Post author


    Good question.
    It´s only possible to adjust the rear toe in on the M06 chassis with changing the rear hubs. Some aftermarket companies like 3Racing offer different aluminium rear hubs from 0 degrees to 3 degrees. But note, the M-06 needs some toe in for a good directional stability.
    And there´s no doubt, the car will look better with less toe in.

  3. miramar


    I got my first M06 last week and haven’t built it yet, so I’m not completely sure, but I have the M06 rear upright and a TL01/M03 Toe-In Rear Upright (item # 53345) on my desk while writing this and they are basically interchangeable. 53345 offers 3 degrees of toe-in, so if a right upright is used on the left side and vice versa, it can compensate for the fixed toe-in built into the M06’s rear bulkhead.

    No further modifications should be required. Needless to say, this modification will surely not be good for handling, but indeed for looks!

    (Btw: I deleted my previous comment about bearing differences as I just a minute or two after first posting realised that I had mixed up information. Sorry!)

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